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Let's explore the best places in Myanmar: Stunning Bagan bags a well-deserved top spot on this list of the best sights in Myanmar. For this country/area, please refer to the information sheet. You can see the unique leg rowers of the lake, Intha Fischer, rowing their boats with one leg wrapped around a single oar. United Nations human rights expert visits Bangladesh.

Top 6 places of interest in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma), untouched and poorly known, provides travelers with a plethora of pristine and artificial treasure. These are our six best sightseeing proposals for Myanmar: The number one on the sightseeing tour is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a bright gold building that can be seen from all over the town.

It is particularly vibrant at sundown when the native English speaking friars can try their hand at you. More than 3,000 monasteries punctuate the scenery, looking out of the woods with majestic views and providing a magic sundown. Inle, a calm fresh water sea, offers a refreshing diversion to the busy towns of Myanmar. You can take a ferry or hire a kayak to paddle to one of the historic fishermen's towns and marvel at the luxuriant swimming pools, many of which are full of flower.

Watch out for the locals, who use a sophisticated one-legged rudder technique that allows them to get up and paddle at the same inhalation. Also look out for the area' s bird life, which includes herons, kranks, geese, ducks as well as stork. In Kyaiktiyo there is the Golden Rock Necklace, a golden-gilt rock that balances quite unsteadily on the brink of a rock, with a small peak.

According to tradition, the cliff is supported by a wisp of Buddha's strands of fur and one look at its gravitational despicable location is enough to encourage anyone to turn to Buddhism. Not the first place that comes to your minds, but go to Ngwe Saung and you will find an unspoilt sandy unspoiled sandy shore with palms, blue waters and sun in spade, enough to compete with many other more popular beachs.

Float, explore the fishermen's towns and market towns, rent a bicycle or take a ferry to the off-shore islets. For sightseeing in Myanmar (Burma), ask your experts about our tailor-made tours.

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