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I have travelled a lot in recent years, but every time someone asks what my favorite country I've been to, I don't hesitate. Burma (Myanmar) specialist, Alex, gives his recommendations on what to see and do in the country Audley's first destination was.

The Myanmar diocesan archbishops are asking the Holy See to organize a meeting on Rohingyas.

Schoenstatters were in Rome this weekend and met with Pope Francis and leading Vatican civil servants to discuss the racial conflict that continues to afflict their people. In November last year, the Pope made a three-day trip to Myanmar and called on Catholics, Buddhists and all members of the community to work for a peaceful and reconciling South East Asia state.

One of the central concerns during the Pope's trip to Myanmar and neighboring Bangladesh was the plight of several hundred thousand Rohingya escapees who escaped the conflicts between ruling forces and freedom campaigners in the north of Rakhine State.

As the Cardinal says, "after the mission, the whole country begins to grasp the messages and even to consider the Pope and the Catholic Church". One of the advantages is that it" facilitates rapprochement with the government", which includes the local general and the supreme warlord.

Congregation for the Church, he said, has asked that Pope Francis sends a personal request for a mission to Aung San Suu Kyi and General Min Aung Alaing calling for a peaceful world. The Pope said that "he definitely would". Commenting on the emergency situation of the Rohingya returnees, the Cardinal said that he had "asked whether the Vatican Secretary of State could organize an "international gathering because none of these nations would receive these persons and give them citizenship".

It is not clear whether Bangladesh, which is receiving humanitarian relief for the displaced people, will be able to provide them with further help when help runs out. The Cardinal Bo said that the Holy Father had declared himself willing "to speak with the Secretary of State" and added that he hopes that a meeting could be organized this year.

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