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The Myanmar English translated agency offers a translating services between English and Myanmar. They are able to interpret words and phrases, help to study foreign language. - Between Myanmar and English, type the word and word or insert the content of the moment. - Get high-quality phonetics results that can be used like a Myanmar and English glossary.

  • Sharing translation with other persons. - Text to Speech: Listen to the translation results. The voice diction calls for a networking link. - For further verification, please compile the results into your phrase book.

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For the best Myanmar translations please use the top navigation! Myanmar is the main foreign tongue in Burma. The Myanmar is the formal name given by the Myanmar authorities, but it is widely described as Myanmar throughout the state. Myanmar is the mother tongue of the Bamar, the ethnical minority in Burma.

It is also the mother tongue of the subethnic groups related to the Bamar. It is the first of about 32 million speakers of the local dialect in Burma.

This way we can provide the most genuine translations in Burma. Myanmar belongs to the Tibeto-Burman group, which in turn is a member of the Sino-Tibetan group. Myanmar is an analytical and phonetic speech. It' s in the Myanmar typeface, which is based on the Mon typeface.

Br?hm? also played an important part in the evolution of Burma's typeface. Myanmar's literature and speech is also known as Pali Bahasa, which means the use of it. It can be divided into two categories, formally and colloquially. Although there are significant discrepancies between the two editions of the Myanmar audio and video game, they are not treated as two different tongues, but as different registries of the same.

The majority of Burma's lexicon is composed of monosyllables from Tibeto-Burman. There are also poly-syllabic words in the terminology, many of which have been taken from other tongues. Loanwords in Myanmar come from a number of tongues such as Pali, Mon and English, more rarely from Sanskrit, Hindi and Chinese.

Pali loan words, for example, are used in questions of governance, religious beliefs, scholarship and art. Whereas those from English are mainly used in relation to engineering, advanced facilities and measure. For the best Myanmar translator offer please use the top navigation! We have a large network of localization professionals around the globe, so you can get Myanmar to and from almost any country.

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