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Unless you are a fan of spiders, you may not like the creepy little arachnids found in amber rocks in northern Myanmar. There is no fee for online registration of existing companies. The Myanmar Times, a free daily newspaper from Myanmar, is available online: Myanmar Buddhist responses to authoritarianism and violence. Newest tweets from Myanmar Times (@MyanmarTimes).

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Myanmar: New home for electronics bank. For the first time, the Department of Finance and Revenue has introduced an online bank system using a chipscard. The system will be in operation in the Myanma Economic Bank branch offices from April 2, the department says. Myanma Economic Bank's seven offices in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay will be participating in the "Quick Cash Online Bank System" program.

According to the Ministery, clients using the credit cards can make payments and cash outs in all branch offices of the banks that are connected via the World Wide Web. You can deposit and withdraw with this chip card," said an officer at Myanma Economic House. and Telecommunications, part of the Department of Communications, Post and Telegraph, to provide an appropriate connection to the Web, he said.

The Myanma Economic Bank not only networks with DSL and IPtar web access but also uses fiber optics to provide services during business hour. If you want to use the system, you should open an Myanma Economic Bank Myanma Economic Bank Myanma Economic Bank Myanma Economic Bank account of at least CZK 1 million, for which you will get an accounts ledger and a chip cards secured by a six-digit code selected by the client.

"This system is based on the introduction of online service in 2007," he said. The Myanma Economic Bank has been using the web since 2007 to process travel exit form and passport applications for the Internal Revenue Department in Yangon. Maung Lay, General Sectretary of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), commented.

"Online banking can be seen as progress on a long path to business growth. "It[ online banking] must also be practiced by privately-owned and not just state-owned banks," he said.

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