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Kavi Chongkittavorn steps down from Myanmar Times editorial board

Mr Kavi Chongkittavorn has stepped down from the Myanmar Times with immediate effect 10 month after the respected Thai reporter was taken to an organization torn apart by domestic conflicts and massive resignation. According to an in-house memo issued by Frontier on Monday, Kavi would resign his position as editor-in-chief and CEO of Myanmar Consolidated Media, the Myanmar Times' mother com-pany.

Vijian Paramasivam will be in charge of the British newspaper and has been named deputy editor-in-chief until a lasting substitute for Kavi is found, the memorandum says. Kavi, an experienced local correspondents, previously worked in executive editorships at The Nation in Thailand, together with office heads in Phnom Penh and Hanoi.

Frontier in February said Kavi was named head of the Myanmar Times after a month-long dispute in the country's English-speaking daily. Frontier has been informed by several resources that Kavi has resigned on at least one other occassion in recent month. It is said that in September the assistant editor-in-chief U Myo Lwin added a statement by the Australian National University graduate and doctoral student, Daw Khin Thidar Aye, to the document without Kavi's permission.

Meanwhile taken off the Myanmar Times website, the report urged the global fellowship to "distinguish between facts and fictions" to report on the continuing relief efforts in North Rakhine State and to try to free the Myanmar army and Rakhine people from all atrocities. Kavis dismissal notice to Myanmar Times managers the next morning was pulled after he was pledged that Myo Lwin would be taken out of all editing supervision, Frontier was reported.

Before Kavi's nomination, about two tens of international editors stepped down or were dismissed as part of a managerial initiative to strengthen supervision over contentious issues, in particular the Rakhine state outbreak. They included former investigative journalist Fiona McGregor, whose appointments were ended by former editor-in-chief Bill Tegjeu and U Aung Saw Min, senior executive manager, following an report on the supposedly raping tens of Rohingya woman in a Maungdaw town.

The Myanmar Times reported to Frontier that Myo Lwin tried to betray trust in the newspaper's international employees with the support of top manager. Myo Lwin will give up his present position as assistant editor-in-chief and go back to his present responsibilities for managing the organization's business inserts, according to Monday's memorandum.

Kavi, Myo Lwin and Myanmar Times were not responding to inquiries.

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