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The Myanmar Times News Journal

Myanmar Times has the latest local news about Myanmar, Yangon. You can read news from Myanmar, business news, real estate, sports and lifestyle stories. Myanmar's capital city (Burma), Yangon City (Rangoon), Myanmar's official web portal, the information gateway for Myanmar, news and events. Myanmar Times News Journal. ;

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Yangon, Myanmar

The paper was established in 2000. "Myanmar Times...was established in 2000 and is the oldest private paper in Myanmar. This is a business unit of Myanmar Consolidated Media Co. The Myanmar Times ran British and Myanmar news magazines every Wednesday (MCM) until March 2015, when the issue appeared five times a day a week.

Myanmar Times was established in 2000 by Ross Dunkley, an Australian, and Sonny Swe (Myat Swe) of Myanmar, making it the only Myanmar paper to make investments abroad at the year. This paper is privatly held by Myanmar Consolidated Media Co. MCM, 51% of which is held by local companies and 49% by international companies.

The Myanmar Times was often seen as near the goverment in the past, partly because Sonny Swe's dad, Brigadier General Thein Swe, was a high-ranking member of the now dissolved Military Intelligence Service. The Myanmar Times was the only paper in the county to be censured by military intelligence, not the Press Scrutiny Board, when it was founded.

Some resentments were caused on the spot, both at the Ministry of Information and other magazines. On the international stage, the document was mocked as a "sophisticated propaganda" and PR instrument for more advanced members of the administration, such as General Khin Nyunt, former Prime Minister of Myanmar. He was also compelled to publish goverment recommendations, albeit under the heading "State Opinion"...."

I might even buy a paper while they're still in the shop.

The Myanmar Times apologizes for country grave comedy

In its March 25-31 issue, the Myanmar Times apologized for a cheap and tasteless comic. On Monday, a note of excuse was issued duly autographed by the chief executive officer, stating that the Rangoon-based newspaper "deeply regrets" the Rangoon paper's use of the comic book and takes discipline against those concerned.

This disgraceful withdrawal came after Burma's armed forces on Monday raised a public objection to the signing, which the Armed Forces seemed to make a mockery of seizing farmer's ranch. "We are very sad about the caricature that damages the honour of the Tatmadaw men who wage a just fight, sacrifice their bloody, conscience and life.

On the other hand, on our side, we are speaking on account of the Tatmadaw men's family who serve in the armed forces, the marine and the Luftwaffe," the declaration says. Myanmar Times Principal Thiha Saw said the magazine regrets the publication of the comic. Myanmar Times was also cautioned in an article in the Myawady paper about another Myanmar Times comic strip in which the military killed a pigeon.

On March 31 this paper was processed to amend the name of the comedian. Actually it was released as Htoo Chit, but the proper name is Ko Shwe Htoo.

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