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Real Estate News | The Myanmar Times

The Mottama Holdings Limited, a Yangon-based business held by the Myanmar-Chinese businessman U Yang Ho, has acquired nine large..... City and Housing Construction Department under the Ministry of Construction..... Yangon's regional government will begin carrying out real estate appraisals this past m..... Yangon has been announcing aggressive growth and infrastructural initiatives since the beginning of the year.

As interest in Mandalay's real estate investments is likely to be weak in the next few month, real estate brokers..... Traders looking for evidence of where Myanmar's business is heading can gain some insights from Serge Pun's recent..... The Y Complex Company, a Japanese lead company, conducted preparatory talks to identify the necessary.....

Infrastructural engineers in the Dagon Seikkan Township, Yangon region, have successfully.....

Myanmar Times receives two honours for journalistic excellence stories

Myanmar Times was again honored for the excellence of its reporting and received three major Asian publishing accolades. It outperformed some of the best papers in the area, winning the Excellence in News Photography and Excellence in Editorial Cartooning at the Society of Publishers in Asia's Award for Editorial Excellence in Hong Kong on June 6.

He was also honored for his opinion writing at the SOPA Award for the contents released in 2012. Prices are following the Myanmar Times victory in 2012 in the Opinion Writing section for an edition on landholdings. The Phnom Penh Post won three honorary mentions in the Investigative Post.

In addition to the Breaking News and Business Report category, The Post's May Titthara won the renowned Journalist of the Year prize. The Myanmar Times won the News Photography section for Kaung Htet and Ko Taik's photographs from the International Day of Peace in September 2012 in Yangon.

This honorable reference was made to an article on the reforms under the title "Time to take the moment", by Thomas Kean, publisher of the English Newspaper. The Myanmar Times and The Phnom Penh Post both competed in the English publication categories, which were circulated in one or two different markets, alongside South China Morning Post, Straits Times and Jakarta Globe.

Journals with a print run of less than 50,000 copies and stand-alone web sites were also part of this group. Over 650 nominees were nominated and the Myanmar Times' entry in the competition increased 16% year-on-year. "These accolades show that we produce a kind of best in the area," Kean said.

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