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Burma Times; Created / Published: Find out about competitors, acquisition history, news and more in the Myanmar Times profile. There are no salaries available for The Myanmar Times, but Glassdoor has salaries for similar job titles, locations or employers. Myanmar Times muzzle. Myanmar Times editor-in-chief and CEO, Australian journalist and businessman Ross Dunkley, has been arrested in Rangoon.

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About 50 Emperor Tissue Fabricators in the Pyigyitagun V.T., Mandalay region, protested on Monday,.... The Mandalay region, Myanmar's second biggest town, has announced the opening of 14 domestic and international companies..... Organizations and institutes that look after deserted kids have raised great concerns about the..... The inhabitants of the town of Taung Kaing in the Mattaya Township in the Mandalay region complain of the loss of at least.....

More than 100 inhabitants have objected to the purchase of 90 hectares of land by the governm..... Yunan Chinese provincial authorities and Yunan Chinese provinces are concluding an accord for Myanmar on the exports of bovine..... Mandalay Development Committee is getting ready to establish a city-wide system for motorbike taxi.....

Informations about colonists and occupiers in Kan Gyi Kone and Zee Oat Kwet Thit in the municipality Patheingyi in Mandalay..... Acting as a force headed by Mandalay Chief Secretary U Zaw Myint Maung and his Secretary of State for Security and Border Affairs....

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Lotte's place serves a fancy Sunday lunch. In spite of his name, Yangon Kitchen at the Kempinski Hotel stays imprisoned in despair in the country's capitol.

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Myanmar's woodcarvings' rising appeal to international purchasers has resulted in a strong increase in exports in recent weeks, according to last week's markets. Items on the shelves range from historic Myanmar statuettes to elaborately sculpted tablets with relics of Myanmar mythological Buddhism and even home decor.

In the next five years, MYANMAR has the opportunity to become an important regional provider of compressed air, said U Soe Myint, General Manager of the Ministry of Energy, early this months. Myanmar's government roadmap for democratic change has the capacity to be a good move towards a nationwide settlement, said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan last weekend.

Organized by Hong Kong-based New Zealander Philippa Rooke, the show showed works by 32 Myanmar Times Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards 2004 runners, which took place last months in Yangon, as well as oil by renowned U Soe Moe.

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