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Pre-school UK deductible to be further expanded in Myanmar

As emerging family backgrounds in the state are looking for top class educational opportunities, there is an increasing need. Linguaphone Group, based in Surrey and having licensing agreements in over 60 partner counties, had already built up a footprint in Myanmar more than a year ago before the Spanish authorities opened up the educational industry to the world.

EduWorld Co Ltd., located in Myanmar, entered into an UK educational franchising contract with the Linguaphone Group, which held the British Pingu's name. Myanmar Times talked to Bryan Yen, CEO of EduWorld, about his college and the forthcoming growth plan. "for Myanmar's futures. As Myanmar opens up to the outside world, parental demands for good language programs for their kids are growing," he said, stressing that the markets are demanding an internationally recognized syllabus and a well-established method of schooling.

The development of this initiative has been well endorsed by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) in Myanmar, which is running the Education is GREAT initiative. Afterwards EduWorld organized a common workshop with the British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar in Mandalay to contact the community of British businesses and to support the Pingu in town.

Although the Yangon economy is emerging and smaller than other more developed countries in the area, the need for pre-schooling is growing. More and more people are becoming conscious of the schools to which they are sending their kids and the educational system in which their kids live.

He is dedicated to providing top-notch training for mostly "middle to high" level Myanmar homes and expatriates. It sees Mandalay as a place with a lively educational system, backed by large and small multinational schooling. Yen greeted the recent move by the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) in April to allow foreign students to invest fully in privately funded institutions across the state.

As a result, non-nationals can own and run privately funded secondary and secondary school establishments that teach a syllabus required by the Department of Higher Learning or an internationally recognised syllabus, such as primary and secondary, professional and educational establishments, universities, colleges and colleges. Aung Naing Oo of the Directorate of Corporate Administration and Capital Expenditure (DICA) said: "The aim is to open the educational industry to invest, attracting more FDI into the educational system so that Myanmar's residents and young peoples have more opportunity to study locally," while benefitting from educational that meets global standards.

It is important for the federal administration to present a privately-run educational bill to settle and eliminate "grey areas" in the sector.

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