Myanmar Times Journal in English

The Myanmar Times Journal in English

Prior to joining Frontier, she headed the Myanmar Times office. Hlaing Lynn is a former editor of People's Age Journal and Mizzima. The Straits Times News Week ; The Business Times ; The International Herald Tribune Time ;

The Straits Times News Week ; The Business Times. Journals / Magazines in English language. The Myanmar Times Journal (English version) is distributed every Monday and the Myanmar version every Friday.

MYANMAR' s Street Intelligence Journal

The Irrawaddy, the English-language exile newsmagazine, has been published in Myanmar and for the first exile distribution in the state. The first two issues of the journal are published free of charge. "A fortnight ago, the journal received formal approval to redistribute for the first a copy in Myanmar," said Ma Aye Chan Myate, publisher of the Myanmar mag.

This, Ma Aye Chan Myaet said, would enhance the editorship of the journal, which was cut from one month to one quarter in December 2010 due to financing cutbacks.

The Irrawaddy was employing "truthful" Myanmar reporter when it was forbidden, they were working under harsh circumstances and many had fear of giving an interview. We opened an offical Yangon bulletin board to stay in communication with the general population when we received an offical distribution license," she said. There are even a few guys who are contacting us to post updates for our release.

Aye Chan Myate said that no decisions were made as to whether the journal would appear once a month or once a week. Irrawaddy also operates web sites in English and Myanmar, which are constantly up-dated. Mau Aye Chan Myate said that no decisions have been made on whether to release a release in Myanmar.

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