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The Myanmar Times Daily

The Myanmar police searched the house of Reuters reporter Wa Lone the night after he and a colleague were arrested in search of "news related" material. Myanmar Times is the oldest privately owned and operated English language newspaper in Myanmar. Ygn-Nyaung U-Mdy-Heho is operated daily by Golden Myanmar and Air KBZ. Myanmar Times logo, Burmese language edition. owned by Myanmar Consolidated Media Co.

Publishing houses are discussing daily newspapers, late market introductions

Newspapers, which first wanted to take full benefit of the government's readiness to licence daily newspapers, now seem to be holding back in real life. In February, the Information Department asked publishing houses to request a licence to publish a daily issue and granted licenses to eight of them. However, some important actors have not yet submitted applications.

This seems to be due to the need to address the operational issues of funding, sales, equipment upgrading and recruitment, which are serious obstacles to daily publish. Until early March, daily release licenses were granted to Khit Moe, Pyidaungsu, Emperor, The Messenger, Myanmar Newsweek, Mizzima, Shwe Naingngan Thit and Nauk Sone Ya.

"We requested a day licence on February 21 and are now waiting for the Ministry of Information's permission. "We expect to begin to publish a daily in May or June and are preparing for things like finance, sales and people. We' re going to have to pay more than we spent on the publication of the magazine, and that will lead to some delays.

"but the Department of Information has asked us to re-submit our request. We' ll announce the date for the daily visit to Myanmar later. "The daily business of editing is quite interesting at the present time, but we have only recently come back to this state. We now publish Irrawaddy Magazine for free.

We have already circulated the first issue, the second will be published shortly. "There seem to be about 100 weeklies, but very few daily licences have been made out. I therefore anticipate that there will be fewer than 20 daily papers because it will be hard. We' re awaiting an explanation from the Department on how it will handle this offshore investment - the only one - before we move towards an English and Myanmar daily newspaper proposal.

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