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The EU resumes political contact with Thailand "at all levels". To advertise on Myanmar Times, contact us today. Nicholas Farrelly analyses the salaries of Myanmar officials in his column Myanmar Times this week. The Myanmar Times, which will support DaNa. Please send the first one to our contact persons at organisations dedicated to the protection of journalists.

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Myanmar's conflict is here and we believe it cannot be resolved by the Myanmar authorities and population? Burma criticized a declaration by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Thursday that supported the Rakhine state crises as "ethnic cleansing" and "state..... Myanmar Companies Online, the world' s largest online.....

DAS absence of road and other important infrastructures is threatening the sustainable pace of Myanmar's rapid pace of economical development, which has accelerated by over 7 per cent in recent years..... Myanmar has a more important part to play in the country's business, although much more can be done to reduce the sex divide.

Wilmar International, which is quoted in Singapore and also operates a Myanmar based glucose factory, plans to have its China business quoted on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the second half of 2019.

Myanmar Times is accused by China of'malicious manipulation'.

Yangon's Myanmar Times has reproached the Myanmar Times for releasing an essay on a plan for a SEZ in Myitkyina, the state of Kachin's capitol, entitled "distortions and wilful manipulation". This allegation came in a note to the publisher of the Myanmar Times on Monday. In the controversial March 6th, the report entitled "Proposed Myitkyina economical area yet to reach arrangement " alleges that China called for Myanmar to freeze all non-Chinese investments in Kachin state for 70 years in return for the building of the Myitkyina Zoneholi.

It also alleges that China has applied to build the EEZ solely with credit from China's financial institutions and that China is seeking an 80% share in the EEZ. It also says that the writer of the March 6th report, Khin Su Wai, never approached the China government to give his views on the case.

All the controversial allegations in the paper seem to be inspired by testimony of the Kachin Nacional Congress (KNC) chair, Dr. M. Kawn La. In January, the KNC undertook to merge with two other Kachin factions to reversing the loss of votes they sustained in Myanmar's 2015 poll.

Political groups seem to be gathering around a plattform that demands more income from the Kachin state's physical and social ressources, which are to be re-invested on-the-spot. Early this past monthly they organised a Myitkyina protests against the Myanmar Gemstone Law (2017), which they say was written without consulting the local communities living in Myanmar's gem-producing area.

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