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The Yangon's early birds - Turkey through Burmese eyes - The Lonely - Bald is beautiful. Calling the Myanmar Times a newspaper would be a stretch - at least by any Western definition of what a newspaper is. Myanmar Times, Myanmar's first international weekly newspaper published in both English and Myanmar. The Myanmar Times is an international weekly newspaper. The BBC - Myanmar's "drastic" arrest of journalists is a cause for concern.

Burmese courts see Myanmar Times journalist Ross Dunkley

Calling the Myanmar Times a paper would be a strain - at least by any westerly interpretation of what a paper is. Any item in it must be authorized by the state. Only the good, the critic and those who mirror the reality of the land never make it to the real news paper.

It is not simple to create a paper under the vigilant eyes of a dictatorship - even if you are willing to turn it into a spread. Myanmar Times cofounder Ross Dunkley never broke the line laid down by the Myanmar administration, which was known to be squeamish. Ross Dunkley is described by Ingber Win as a complex man.

"Obviously, Ross is also a very clever business man. We were hoping that the government would fall at some point and he wanted his magazine to be the first free tabloid to join," says Ingber Win. What did Dunkley do to reap the rage of the Bureau?

David Armstrong, his associate, argues that the arrests have more to do with the possession of the document than with its contents. The Myanmar Times is co-owned by Dunkley, who holds 49% of the shares, and the city businessman Tin Tun Ow, who holds 51%.

Dunkley was ousted as editor-in-chief, according to reports. "Obviously, Ross has become a menace because he's not willing to give up his job. Goverment needs a good excuse to expel him. Several Burmese observers say the Burmese authorities intend to step up checks on information services in the Burmese capital following the recent election and Aung San Suu Kyi's removal from detention.

Tin Tun Ow can take over the Myanmar Times with Dunkley from the United States. To leave the documents in the hand of a good friend who is a good old man for an uncontrolled migrant.

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