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Burma time zone location map borders. Myanmar time and Myanmar time calculator, ACTUAL and MMT conversion table. Burma Mmr Mmr Mm, Current Time Now, Country Local Time Zone. With this easy-to-use, modern time zone converter, you can quickly convert Eastern Standard Time (EST) to the time in Rangoon, Myanmar. mmt-to-actual time zone converter, calculator, table and map.


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Over 8,700 Rohingya flee Myanmar fighting this weekend

GENF - When the fights in the west of Myanmar sent tens of thousand people to Bangladesh on Tuesday, the United Nations High Commissioner for the Protection of Fundamental Freedoms called on Myanmar's armed forces to exercise caution, accusing the Myanmar de facto head Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's offices of making "irresponsible" declarations that could jeopardize humanitarian work.

UN agents said more than 8,700 Rohingya, members of Myanmar's Islamic minorities, have escaped across the Bangladesh frontier since Saturday after a clash last weekend between police officers and a group of militants known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. Commenting on Sunday on Facebook, Ms Aung San Suu Kyi's agency said that the agencies are examining allegations that employees of non-governmental organisations "participated" in the activities of "extremist terrorists".

She said that cookies delivered by the United Nations Department of Agriculture were found on a revolt camps. "I am very worried that the unsubstantiated accusations against humanitarian agencies could endanger their employees and make it virtually impossible for them to provide substantial assistance," Mr al-Hussein said in a declaration by his Geneva bureau.

Commentaries, which seemed to have been taken off Facebook on Tuesday, pointed to the deteriorating relationship between the United Nations and the United Nations since October, when rebels raided the Rakhine policemen's outposts. During the post-attack safety campaign, some 80,000 Rohingya escaped to Bangladesh and brought reports of execution, massive rapes and live burns to their houses.

The United Nations detectives investigating these bank statements said Myanmar's military and law enforcement may have perpetrated acts against people. Mr al-Hussein said that Myanmar's agencies should "give clear orders to the Myanmar military not to use undue force" and that those who use undue duress should be brought to justice. Recent assaults in Rakhine have alarmed relief and humanitarian groups that Myanmar is on the verge of a return to similar forms of abuse.

The United Nations said on Tuesday that it had abandoned the state' s relief efforts and transferred uncritical members of personnel, both internationally and nationally, from Maungdaw, the state' s capitol, for security solicitation. The majority of recent day's crossings were carried out by traffickers, and there have been reported cases of injuries, the United Nations organisation of the displaced said to journalists in Geneva.

On the Myanmar side of the frontier another thousand Rohingya were beached, with the Bangladesh guard forcing many of them back. Bangladesh was asked by the refugees organisation to open its borders and to provide security for those who flee war. Myanmar's Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday that Myanmar's military has been building its troops in North Rakhine since last week's aggression.

They said new sat imagery indicated that there was extensive incineration in at least 10 areas in the north of Rakhine, which covered a wider area than the October outbreak. There was no identification of the cause of the fire, but some occured in places that correspond to areas where testimonies of intentional cremation of homes by the army were recorded, Human Rights Watch said.

He appealed for it to be put under peer pressure to show what is happening there. A three-member United Nations fact-finding missions headed by Indonesia vet Marzuki Darusman has been established to investigate accusations of violation of human rights in Myanmar, in particular Rakhine, by members of the Myanmar armed and civil protectionforce.

However, the Myanmar administration has said that it will not co-operate or allow them to use the heading:

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