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a. It is published in both English and Burmese. Burma: Pleas for the release of Reuters journalists rise. There is no money to be made in the English version, but the Myanmar version can earn a lot. Ko Ko Ko Naing said he had read the Myanmar edition of The Myanmar Times since it was first published last March.

He' s reading the English version sometimes.

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Myanmar's livelihoods are improving over the past ten years, but advances in the areas of literacy, community services, wastewater and shelter are lagging behind in some parts of the nation, according to the Myanmar living condition survey's Key Indicators Repor. In cooperation with UNDP and the World Bank, the Central Statistical Organization published the results last weekend in the German capitol.

Myanmar has seen an improvement in the last ten years, but advances in the areas of basic health, shelter, sewerage and shelter are lagging behind in some parts of the state, according to the Myanmar living condition survey's Key Indicators Report.

The Myanmar Times announces the launch of the Daily Edition

Myanmar Times is announcing that on March 9 it will move from a printed issue per week to a printed issue every day, making it Burma's only privately owned English-language paper. The Myanmar Times has said it will publish a printed issue every day on March 9, making it the only privately owned Anglophone paper in Burma.

"The start of the newspaper is a landmark in the Myanmar Times' history," said Tony Child, MEP. It is planned that the organisation will intensify its collection of newscasts and test the viability of the still young Burmese audio-visual industry. Times publisher Thomas Kean said: "The Myanmar day and week markets are satiated, but there is much less English rivalry.

Said the newspaper will be sold for 500 Kyat (about $0.50), while the Friday issue, which will include a Friday feature, art and cultural week-end feature, will be 1,000 Kyat. Over the past few years, President Thein Sein's nominal-civilian administration has loosened control of the press, with the removal of a prohibition on the use of newspapers in April 2013.

Many of these have been difficult to rival state papers, which are available at low cost and profit from our current sales network. Mizzima Media Group recently announces that it will cease publishing its Burma-speaking paper on March 1.

Currently, about 15 newspapers are published in their respective national languages; the government-run Global New Light of Myanmar is the only English-language one. Mizzima Media Group co-founder and until recently Mizzima Media Group chief executive Sonny Swe said there could be room in the newspaper industry for an independant British national. However, I have also been told that some other papers are trying to publish an Anglo-Saxon newspaper, for example Weekly Eleven and The Trade Times.

When the Myanmar Times can gain a foothold in the markets before it starts, it will be good timing," he said. The Myanma Freedom daily was the first English-language newspaper in many years to be printed in 2013, but the release was discontinued in March 2014. Thiha Saw, its founder editor-in-chief, then became a member of the Myanmar Times to help it become a newspaper after the acquisition of a controlling interest in the Myanmar Golden Star franchise by Thein Tun, a resident of the country.

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