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While Myanmar is taking its place in the contemporary realm again, especially in the global trading community, its judicial system will respect what all civilised judicial regimes do. With trade, in Myanmar, including global trade, beginning to expand, there will be many cases where a treaty leads to a conflict between the two sides.

Whether a Myanmar tribunal will or should decide a contractual disagreement, but when it decides, the regulations telling it whether to use Myanmar's national laws or the regulations of civil law (which align the tribunal with the regulations of a non-Myanmar judicial system).

In Myanmar, the competence of a Myanmar tribunal for a particular political group is determined by a civil procedure code. That is what distinguishes Myanmar from many other legal systems. Generally, an action arising out of a treaty is assigned to the tribunal pursuant to Section 20(c) if the treaty was entered into or breached in Myanmar (by an act or by an act that was not performed but should have been performed, as the case may be).

The Indian courts, however, whose jurisdiction is virtually the same, have shown that these regulations are applicable to both domestic and foreign cases, and it is clear that Myanmar's courts would do the same. There are two ways to do this as far as the statute of limitations is concerned, and the way in which a Myanmar tribunal approaches this general issue will depend on the way in which the statute of limitations is found in the statute of limitations that regulates the content of the debt.

Myanmar's statute of limitations is set out in the 2007 Statute of Limitations (repealed in 1909), Section 3 (First Schedule)*. This statute of limitations is 6 (six) years from the date on which the right of action arises. In the event that a specific or territorial right imposes a different statute of limitations on an action than that provided for in the First List, the provisions of Section 3 shall govern the determination of the statute of limitations.

Burmese courts do not use boundary convection. No recording/example of a limit funds have been created. The timelines are, however, fixed at 3 (three) years each for demands for contamination and destruction of wrecks.

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