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Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? I' m going to Myanmar in late November and I know that you have to get your overnight bus ticket to Bagan in time as they are full quite quickly. I' m planning to go to Yangon to get my cab there because I'm only in Yangon for 2 nights.

Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? Yangon to Bagan bus ticket - where to buy? Hello, may I know what GH is? 23. Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where?

Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? Myanmar's on-line ticket booking system is becoming increasingly widespread. Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? If you have not been able to reserve your bus ticket on-line, the guesthouse/hotel will be pleased to help you (for a small fee).

Occasionally I showed up at the bus terminal about 2 1/2 hour before leaving and purchased a ticket. Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? We' ll take the bus from Yangon to Bagan on 24 November 2015. I' d like my ticket to have a gain in speed.

Do you have a bus timetable and purchasing information in English? Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where? Buy a bus ticket from Yangon to Bagan - where?

Thuringyan travelers get Busticket Blue's

As every year, the Thuringyan holiday is just around the corner with bus ticket problems. Several bus companies offer discounted ticket sales for the Thurgyan holiday. There are some who offer them near the holiday season. However, the purchase of bus fares is still a major issue.

Than Than Than Moe, who is living in Yangon's Hlaing Tharyar Islands Town Ship, wants to go home to Nay Pyi Taw for the holiday, but she can't buy a bus ticket and is not sure if she can get home in good season for the Nay Pyi Taw Riverworks. A number of bus operators increase their prices during the holiday, according to your needs.

Kamaryut Township's Ma Ei Ei Myo said that some busses will not be selling early so they can raise their fares as the public holiday season is nearby. "I tried to buy the ticket for my boyfriend at the end of March. It works in Malamyine and is going back to its home, Bagan, but most bus companies were telling me cards were out of stock," she said.

The ticket agent said her boyfriend could go back on April 12, but the ticket costs K22000 instead of the regular entry price of the regular entry price of 18000 for a K22000 passenger seating. A number of bus routes sold bus passes at regular rates in March, but only on certain dates.

A number of bus operators are chartering their coaches and do not use additional cars to cover the increase in holiday demands, which leads to a lack of them. "We' ve been selling all our bus passes and formally announcing them on March 25," said a spokesman for the Kyan Taing Aung bus line from Yangon to Muse and Yangon to Lashio.

"We' re not adding any more busses for Thingyan, as some of our busses have been charters," she said. A number of bus routes give preference to those who buy their ticket in person over those who buy it on-line or by telephone. "That Thingyan, I must go to Bagan Nyung Oo. On 20 March I tried to buy a ticket for the bus line Bagan Minthar, but it was not sold until the end of March.

So I asked my family in Nyung Oo to buy me a ticket there and they said I could collect it from the bus service on April 3. I' ve got the ticket, but my place is no good and I had to buy K3500 more. They said they preferred people to buy cards in person," Ko Ta Yoke told the Pazundaung community.

Tamweownship Ko Aung Myin said he will go to Magwe on 12 April. "I went to the Aung Mingalar Hwy bus terminal on April 2nd, but so many crowds queued to get them. Up until last year, Thurgyan was a holiday for 10 but this year the federal administration has reduced the holiday period to five of them.

Yangon Region Transport Authority spokesman U Ba Myint said they are monitoring and limiting ticket selling to stop ruthless individuals from purchasing and selling a large number of travel passes to make a gain. Said they'll be monitoring ticket purchases until April 12th. Previously, each bus line in each bus had to book one or two places for public holiday work.

Each year the federal administration says it monitors the sales of bus passes during the Thurgyan holiday, but every year pass holders have problems buying them.

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