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Special offers & ticket prices for cheap flights. " Most tourists pay online from airline tickets to hotel bookings. Online tickets can be collected the day before your departure in Myanmar. Burma Travel Services Train Ticket Booking, Myanmar Train Ticket Booking, Myanmar Travel Services. Moskau - Yangon, online flight booking from/to Yangon, Myanmar.

Do I need to make a reservation for a Yangon to Mandalay ticket? - Yanmar Message Board

Do I need to make a reservation for a Yangon to Mandalay ticket? Hello, can we buy tickets for trains or buses from Yangon to Mandalay from the hotels or directly from the coach terminal or railway stations, or do we have to be booked through the travel agency? Do I need to make a reservation for a Yangon to Mandalay ticket?

They should be booked through the travel agency. Cancellation 3 nights before for the rail & 1 full working Sunday before for the coach. Do I need to make a reservation for a Yangon to Mandalay ticket? I' m not sure about the coach, but you can get the ticket directly at the ticket desk at the railwayhof. We probably got our ticket for the overnight from Yangon to Mandalay about 2 nights before.

But we didn't buy them directly at the train/trainstation. They were purchased at the ticket agency in Yangon, Bogyoke Aung San Rd. However, we just went to a nearby study and asked. but they showed us to the counter where the ticket was selling. If the first one at the windows could leave when you get there, but only to find someone who is English.

Finally, if you click below, you will find information on ticket sales and images of the ticket agency.... so you know what you are looking for. Do I need to make a reservation for a Yangon to Mandalay ticket? I only ever went to the coach terminal for the coach.

I got my ticket there. Do I need to make a reservation for a Yangon to Mandalay ticket?

Book Air Bagan Online and E-Ticket - Myanmar Forum

I' ve just reserved a ticket via As I was checking my bank account, it turned out that the firm that was receiving the money was "AB-Air Co. The next morning my badge was debited with $3.09 by another Thai firm. Did anyone else make this experiance and try to make a booking through

I' m trying to find out if this was a fraud and if I have to terminate my debit or if someone else had this experiance and it turned out to be good. Due to still existing bank constraints abroad, many Myanmar companies still use Bangkok or Singapore to handle their payment transactions and debit-cards as it happened to me last year.

are part of one of the biggest companies in Myanmar, a billion dollar company, and while their holders are not the taste of the months with the West, I'm sure your cash / ticketing is secure. I' ve got my Air Bagan ticket and travelled in March! It is actually possible to securely reserve your ticket from home and then simply take an e-ticket to the Aiport?

Correctly and also with the other carriers that operate the e-ticket system in Myanmar-AirKBZ, Golden Myanmar, Air Bagan and Asian Wings. Perfectly all right. We' ve just traveled with Air Bagan on three different routes and they've all been reassigned, one of them changed number twice. Everything ran well and all our departures were on schedule.

wombatrois....... you have postponed the flying? Second, @anyone who can reply just to clarify - e-ticket and booking from the UK will be okay? Rgds, although airfares are postponed, in my case, if a plane is canceled, you are put on the next plane, even with a rival - over all these years I have never drastically altered my route - I have always arrived on the date I wanted to, but you return to Yangon the next morning before your scheduled fortnight.

On-line booking from the UK is okay, but if you use a Myanmar agents for your accommodation, ask them for a quotation as it could be less expensive.

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