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Announce and book express bus tickets online in Myanmar. If you enter Myanmar, you might feel like you're going back in time. to Aung Htay Hlaing / The Myanmar Times. Make sure that the date of birth is on the ticket. Burma bus ticket service for travel around Myanmar.

F: What is the bus ticket system like?

F: What is the bus ticket system like? A: As soon as we have recieved the reservation together with the full amount, we will reserve the place. You will receive a first e-mail with ticket information within 48 hrs of receipt of your reservation. Because of the allocation of seats at bus operators we can dispatch the entire e-ticket with the seating number at the earliest 7 working nights before departure.

F: How soon will I receive my number? A: Due to the stringent allocation of seats by the bus company, we cannot give the number of the seats until at least 7 working nights before the date of departure. F: How do I know the state of my ticket? You can view the reservation state at any time and will be able to purchase the e-ticket when it is final.

You only need to enter the ticket/reference number in the Ticket State box at the top right of each page of our website..... F: Why didn't I receive my first e-mail with the ticket information immediately after I paid? A: Since we check all reservations before further treatment, it can take some time, but not more than 48h.

F: What are opening times? The date of the trip is very near. Suppose I don't have the entire e-ticket yet? A: You should get your full e-ticket 7 nights before your date of departure. If you have not yet recieved it, please verify your SPAM/JUNK mail.

F: What if I have problems with access to e-mails in order to get the e-ticket? A: You can pick up the ticket together with the seating number at our Yangon office: The Waizayantar Road, Thingangyun Township, Za/South Quarter, Yangon, Myanmar during opening hours. When your date of departure is very near (2 or less days), we can ship the ticket to your accommodation, provided we have the full information of your accommodation (including telephone number and address) and your check-in date and name.

Shipping addresses must be within the Yangon City Centre area and must include at least 4 seats. As we are trying to offer an e-ticketing methodology, it is only available if it is a matter of urgency and servicing fees may not exceed $6. F: What if I have problems to print my entire e-ticket?

Or you can take the screen shot or show the current ticket on your phone/notepad to take the coach as long as you have the completely e-ticket. F: I have not received my full e-ticket yet, but the date of my trip is in 3 working nights? Please verify your spam/junk message. At some point, your ticket will be accidentally sent to spam/junk emails by your own inbox.

F: How does the checkout work? If you still have problems paying, you can make a money order to our Singapore branch office. There are certain dates when there are no busses, such as the New Year period in Myanmar. F: Why can't I make a booking for morning, the next morning and after 3 nights?

and we will have the opportunity to check and process the complete e-ticket before we actually send it to our customers. F: What is the difference between 2+1 and 2+2 seats?

and A: It means the number of seats in a wheel in the coach, which means that 2+1 has more room than 2+2. A: All you have to do is present our entire e-ticket at the ticket-booth. It is also recommended that travelers take their passports with them if they are on the move all the while. A: Cancelation and refunds can be made within 28 working nights after the date of sale, unless the full e-ticket with seating number is made out at the date of cancelling.

There is a 3USD per place fee. There are 2USD change charges per place. Cancellations and changes must be made in written communication to our mail address[email protected].

F: How do I make a reservation for a training and how does it work? 1 ) As soon as we have recieved the reservation together with the full amount, we will ship a receipt of your reservation together with the ticket information within 48h. 2 ) According to Myanmar Railways guidelines, we require a copy of each passenger's pass and will ask for it by e-mail ([email protected]).

3 ) The ticket will be issued at least 3 nights before departure. 4 ) Since only genuine tickets can be taken along, you must pick up the ticket at our Yangon offices or we will ship it to you with shipping costs (USD$ 8).

Mandalay trains (i.e. those departing from Mandalay) are already priced for shipping and we need your hotelname and adress.

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