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Burma can be a success or failure in meeting expectations. View our photo essay on recommended Burmese attractions and activities in Myanmar. Explore the best things you can do in Myanmar! Here is a list of some of the best attractions and sights in Burma/Myanmar! What to do in Burma.

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Burma's response to Angkor Wat is the old Bagan Buddhist temple - literally hundreds of them scattered across the plain. The balloon ride above them at dawn is a spectacular (and effortless) way to see the churches erected between the eleventh and thirteenth century. However, few tourists see the lovely and largely abandoned temple complex around Kyaukgu Umin, just south of the Nyaung U city. Our tip: find it at the bottom by renting a bicycle for a buck, or get in a car and a ride on a fast carriage for a leisurely trip.

Who knew Burma had its own vineyard? An American adventurer who relocated to Burma 10 years ago to set up a poultry ranch in Pyin Oo Lwin. He is also a big motorcycle fan and to keep things interesting he hires out motorcycles and does special trips from Mandalay.

To the east of Mandalay lies the historical city Pyin Oo Lwin, once a resort for colonists. Myeik (also known as Mergui) is located in the southern tropics of Burma and is a charming harbour city with twisting roads from Burma's Colonies. You can take a cruise to the northerly isles of the huge Myeik Archipelago to run in the midst of desolate sandy shores, lush tropic cliffs and the native Moken tribes, also known as lake-gype.

One of the highlights is the Sadan Cave, a high pointing place full of palagodas and Buddhas, where you can stroll under the whole hill and return by a small wood craft through the rice paddies. Since it is located on an island, you can go to the wading pool at low tide and return by cable-driven dining-hy.

Myanmar is the country of a thousand feasts, and this is the most colorful. Tinted hiphsters still have to go as far as the mountain dwellers in Mount Victoria National Park: some of the girls here have full features that indicate which Christian-animistic strain they are from.

It is different from anywhere else in Burma, with an amazing wildlife, such as scarce Orchid and amazing raptors.

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