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Sights in Myanmar

Banned for years, Myanmar can now be visited freely. Activities in Bagan Myanmar. It is probably the number one destination in Myanmar. Explore the best activities in Central Myanmar, including Ananda Pahto, Dhammayangyi Pahto, Sanon. Schedule visits to Shwedagon Pagoda, Bagan Temple + balloon rides.

Activities in Myanmar

Burma, also known as Burma, is being watched as an unexplored tourist area. Burma has a very wealthy civilization and the local population is very kind. Burma is a land of fascination, worshipped as a "wonder of the world". Cruise on the Inle Sea and see Bagan and Mandalay.

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Top 10 Activities in Myanmar

Myanmar is a mystical place for most of us, an exhilarating land full of beautiful scenery and a lively city. Myanmar, which dates back to antiquity, offers a wealth of breathtaking attractions to discover. In Myanmar, beautiful sandy beach and post card sunset, paired with some of the hottest natives in the whole wide open air, often enchant the visitor with the genuine Myanmar folk costumes and tradtional.

Explore the most important things in Myanmar, from adventure ballooning and antique Bagan Floats to boating through the crystal clear water of Lake Inle and hikes through mythic gorge. The stunning archeological site of the antique town of Bagan covers an area of 26 km2 and offers the visitor a journey back in history.

There' s no better way to catch this unforgettable event than from a sun-rise or sun-set hot-air ballon, which floats over the magnificent scenery and enjoys the unrivalled view surrounding the magnificent architectonic jewels. Shwedagon is the holiest Islamic sanctuary in Myanmar and one of the most renowned in the time.

There, the visitor can discover buddhistic remains, among them a stripe of fur and a garment, and go through the rooms where a number of distinguished figures from the sixth and tenth centuries visit the site. One of the pagoda's highlights is the stupa, which is set with more than 4,500 brilliant-cut stones and a pristine 72 carat stone.

Ngapali is the first Myanmar sandy 4 miles long and is surrounded by high rising palm trees. It is a perfect place for snorkelling, scuba dipping and canoeing. It is also a great place for those who want to relax, where you can see locals show off their daily fishing, eat fresh fish or enjoy the unspoilt view of a sundown from their seaside holiday town.

The Inle Sea attracts photography from all over the globe for its breathtaking scenic beauties and is a top target in Myanmar. Situated in the second biggest pond in the countryside, it' encircled by 507 towns and one of the best places to see the famed Bungalow stilts, swimming towns and the colourful everyday swimming school.

One of the highlights of the area are the unbelievably gifted Intha' rowing legs, who practise their craft of fishing here. It is one of the most frequently visited places in Myanmar and offers a beautiful view of the landscape at dawn or dusk, where you can see peasants, fisherman, monks en monastics as they walk across this monument.

The Kuthodaw is situated in Mandalay, an impressive view with several hundred beautiful crucifixes. The 729 plates of stone, which are placed in a shrine and labeled with Buddhistic teaching, allow the visitor to discover the site of the "largest of its kind in the world". Beside the extensive terrain with breathtaking view of Mandalay Hill, this massive golden show is definitely deserving a look.

With more than 8,000 pictures of Buddha from different eras, the Pindaya Caves are a truly special experience. A vast number of Buddha statues cover the wall, corner and ceiling of the cavern, many go quietly and quietly through the area to enjoy the breathtaking view of this maze.

It is an important place of worship for Burmese Buddhists and is set on a calcareous mound near Lake Inle. Taung Kalat is 30 leagues from the antique town of Bagan and is a buddhistic convent dramatic on the lofty but deserted mountain of propane. Like a huge cliff fortress, this is one of the holiest places in Myanmar.

Up the 777 stairs, the visitor can discover a scenic set of Stupa and shrine and of course enjoy the stunning upside-view. Kyaiktiyo, known as the Gold Rocks Pagoda, offers a chunk of stone with a hint of gorge. At the heart of the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, the visitor can admire this surreally gleaming cliff at an altitude of 3,615m.

According to tradition, it remains on foot because it is on a wisp of Buddha's head, making it one of the most important Buddhist places in Myanmar. The Kandawgyi Lake offers a gold stomping ground with magic reflexions in the water, the compound offers a multitude of receptions rooms, meeting rooms, buffet and theatre.

Attendees come to enjoy local food while enjoying Burma's local artists, such as a puppeteering, bull dances and music.

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