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Burma Kyat (MMK) and Thai Baht (THB) currency converter. Current exchange rates for the conversion of Myanmar Kyats (MMK) into Thai Baht (THB). Like its neighbours India and Thailand, Myanmar has a dual pricing policy. Table comparing the best available THB exchange rates. Benefit from our competitive exchange rates for fast and reliable transfers.

Converting USD/USD. The United States Dollar to The United States Dollar

We have ranked the most favoured US dollar exchange rates as the USD/EUR exchange rates. Our monetary ranking shows that the most favored US dollar exchange rates are USD/EUR.

There is a dollar exchange rate key for dollars, and the exchange rate sign is $.

Myanmar Kyat-Baht exchange - Bangkok Forum

Hello, I would like to exchange Myanmar Kyat for Baht or US $. Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Even flights from Mandalay International had no money exchange. Always switching undesired Kyat on takeoff from Mandalay at the BEFORE checking in. The solution for the other travellers with this issue, as I recently had, is at the Aiport.

You can tell you that nobody changes the Myanmar at Bangkok University ( "BKK"), but on the B Stock, Terminals 3 (international) there is Super Rich exchange and although the Myanmar language is not mentioned, it is changed to Thai Bath and then to dolars hips or other languages.

Seemingly changing SuperRich naughtyats, it's on their website. At MAndalay International there are lots of money changers, just go to the terminal, about 6 times the last one I was there, how do you think you can exchange money on your way there? There are a few small exchange offices on the Chiang Mai Nightside Bazaar Street that make really strange currency.

Kyat to Baht - MMK to THB Exchange Rate Coupon

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