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Burma Thailand Map

Maps of Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Philippines. The map was created by the Map Design Unit of the World Bank. Practical map with all travel connections in Southeast Asia. Kampuchea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam!

Myanmar to Thailand by land - Backpackerslee

With Myanmar's official Thai frontiers open to overseas travelers, it's a great way to make this long-haul trip you've always thought of. In the last year or two, Myanmar has opened many of its frontiers with its neighboring states. Bangladesh's frontier is the only one that will remain blocked for foreign nationals.

Thailand and the Mae Sot/Myawaddy frontier is the best way into the land, as it is the nearest strategic point to Yangon and the Golden Rock of Kyaiktiyo. It' also a favourite choice for visas. Then, if you wanted to backpack the remainder of Myanmar with Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake, you could leave the land and head back to Thailand at the Tachileik/Mae Sai frontier post which is nearest to Inle Lake (I think you have to go to Tachileik from Inle Lake's Heho International Airfield, as the trip for overseas is limited to the Tachileik area).

You will be quite near to the Far Eastern Thai town of Chiang Rai, so you are essentially on a horse -shoe trail that starts and ends in various places in Thailand (both of which are favourite hiding places for backpackers) while visiting the main attractions of Myanmar! Between " Mae Sot and the real frontier checkpoint it is actually 5 km, so it is not advisable to walk.

A few tuk-tuk riders have tried to bill me 150 Baht for the trip to the frontier, but since it's a trip to make, you may just have to take a nibble on your lips and cover the post! Mae Sot has hardly any accommodations, so it can be very hard to find a room for an night if the checkpoint is not open in the evenings (the Thai side is open from 6-18 pm).

But there is a local supermarket near the frontier which is very much loved by backpack tourists, and you can usually find good meals and interesting memorabilia from both sides of the frontier. If you come to the Thai custom house at the Thai frontier before you cross the Friendship Bridge, you will need to give them your Myanmar visa and you will be asked how long you want to remain in Myanmar.

You will then get your pass postmarked by Thai immigration and continue to Friendship Bridge! Myanmar next stop! Keep in mind that for most Myanmar nationals there is no visa upon entry, so you must apply for one before attempting to access the land (whether by land or air).

Moei rivulet divides the Mae Sot area from Thailand and the city of Myawaddy in Myanmar. It will be traversed by the Friendship Brigde, constructed in 1997 to facilitate and curb embargoed diplomacy (and to curb IUU. ) between the two states. Everyone seems to be running across the viaduct, but it's very congested, and I've almost been mown a few places (which is quite common in Southeast Asia, isn't it?).

Its fame is quite chilly, and you can see young Thais and their friends travelling in their backpacks as they traverse the Friendship Bridge - just like visiting the world! When you arrive at the Myanmar Immigration Desktop you will be asked to fill out a registration request with a few essential information, one of which is how you want to get out of the county after the specified period of inactivity.

If, in the afternoons prior to your arrival in Thailand, you only hop at the Thai frontier, you will not be able to get out of Myanmar except at the point indicated on your entry forms. I' ve been told that you can get out of Myanmar at any point (best further north at Tachileik ) if you plan to visit Myanmar at a later date and then head back to Thailand ashore.

It was a surprise to me how kind the Myawaddy crossroads were to the country's population. Furthermore, I was not familiar with any fraud at this checkpoint, unlike some others in South-East Asia, such as Aranyaprathet/Poipet between Thailand and Cambodia or Voueng Kam/Dom Kralor between Laos and Cambodia.

I had a stress-free stay in Mae Sot, and the most difficult thing for me was to cross the bridge of friendship on a very sticky and wet one! After completing the entry procedures, I found that the Myanmar side of the Thai side is even more frantic than the Thai side (yes, that's possible!).

Thinking that Myanmar and Thailand also travel on opposite sides of the street was a bit disturbing, so you have to get used to the changes, whether you are a rider or not (ah, that's why it gets so frantic across the bridge?!). Also, keep in mind that Myanmar is 30 mins behind Thailand on the globe watch, so set your clocks accordingly and don't get arrested if you want to take a coach to another city!

Travelers to Yangon take about 10 hrs by coach from Myawaddy as soon as they enter the state. Then from Yangon you have the possibility to undertake the famous trip to the temple of Bagan.

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