Myanmar Thailand Border Crossing

Burma Thailand Border Crossing

It is currently possible to travel freely across land between Myanmar's borders with Thailand and India. Thornbree - NEW BORDER LIMIT MYANMAR/THAILAND OPENED The Myanmar Times today (13 December) reports that a new Myanmar-Thai border crossing point is being opened. This will be located between the city of Mese (also known as Me-se) in Myanmar and Khum Yuam in Thailand. If you are looking for it on a map - Mese is in Kayah State in Myanmar, in the SE of Loikaw, and Khum Yuam is in the Mae Hong Son provinces of Thailand.

The crossroads are about halfway between the present intersections Tachilek / Mae Sea and Myawaddy / Mae Sot. Forecast opening date is January 15, 2018, known as Kayah National Day in Myanmar. It seems that the aim of opening the crossing is to promote the tourist industry in the Kayah state - a part of the land that has relatively few migrants.

I' m not yet familiar with the Finnish points of the crossing, i.e. whether she accepts a permit or not, and I guess that anyone entering Myanmar will almost certainly be forced to go directly from the intersection to the city of Loikaw - just because there is no other place to go!

In all honesty - I know nothing about Khum Yuam or the Mae Hong Son provinces and how easy it is to access on the Thai side of the border! Apparently one of the opening dates for this new crossing is that the Insurgancy groups in the Myanmar area have entered into an arrangement to allow international travelers to travel to that part of the land that until recently was off limits for overseas!

It seems that Khum Yuam is half way between Mae Hong Song Town and Mae Sariang. Was I not in Myanmar for a long time, is it possible to travel from/to Mandalay by bus/motorbike/car and beyond? Or you have to keep your pass at the border and go back to Thailand by speedilek, thank you!

Or in other part of Mount Myanmar still isolated from the remainder of Myanmar? You can drive over land from Tachilek to Kengtung. When I look at a card, I have to wonder about the journey to/from the crossing. Two years ago, when you were in Loikaw, you couldn't get very far out of Loikaw without a leader.

Things in Myanmar are about to change, but that seems a little strange to me. I' m assuming one was recently constructed to open up the new intersection. As the Myanmar Times said, the Myanmar Times said they would be able to stay in Loikaw for up to six days, which gave me the impression that they might allow visa-free travel at the new intersection to promote tourist in that part of the state.

You can probably make it across the border, remain the 6 day and then have to go back to Thailand! You' ll need another tour leader to get to the towns outside Loikaw, the MT story also said that some other places near Loikaw can now be frequented by other people!

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