Myanmar Temperature November

Burma Temperature November

It' s a long way back and for many November the best possible weather to come to Myanmar. Will the climate in Myanmar be good in November? So what should I wear in Myanmar in November? Programme "Climate Extremes and Disasters" (BRACED) in Myanmar. Reversal of wind conditions, from November to November.

Burma November weater, Myanmar (Burma) November weater

It is already a long way back and for many November the best possible weather to come to Myanmar. The number of visitors is still relatively low and the temperature is more temperate than in the first half of the year, but in many parts of the countryside you can still count on maximum averages of up to 31 degrees Celsius.

The highland and the eastern spurs will have a maximum temperature of 25°C on a mean, but the temperature is near the bottom - you need to wear warmer clothes, especially at work. November 12-14, 2016. October 8-14 - a celebration where several hundred different types of hotshots are built and launched to create the most appealing or highest one.

November weather in Myanmar 2018

In Myanmar, November is affected by the tropical humid and dry climates. If you are travelling to Myanmar in November, you can expect: occasional rains, unusual mist, occasional hailstorms, rare thunderstorms and hot weathers. You should be prepared for the heatwave with temperatures throughout November at 34?

Look at the UV index which is (11) in November and you should take all precautions: Do not expose yourself to the heat of the day to the heat of the day within three afternoons! Normally the first one is the hotest one in November. Meteorological incidents that may arise during the journey to Myanmar: 4 x (rain), 2 x (fog), less than 1 x (hail), 1 x (thunderstorm), Myanmar in November ý sunny and slightly cloud covered nights.

The temperature usually varies around 33 and the breeze is slightest. The best holiday season in Myanmar 2018. Verify the November temperature curve: The graph shows the dates of the last 10 years. It is possible to make a comparison of how the temperature is formed. In November the average cloudy season is around 24%.

It is indeed a rainy November. Ratio of luminous index varies from 34 (noticeable complaints) to 36 (apparent complaints) during a normal November. Frequently the best way to determine how pleasant the meteorological condition is for a cicory. If you are travelling to Myanmar, you should know that lower and higher levels of condensation are drier and more dehumid.

Above the default November condensation point changes from 21 (somewhat unpleasant for most of us at the top) to 23 (very moist, rather unpleasant). In the course of a classic November, the length of the days decreases by about 26 mins. Daybreak is November 30th and offers 10h 55 min light, dawn is 6:28am and dusk is 17:23pm and the longest days are November 1st with 11h 20 min light, dawn is 6:10am and dusk is 17:31pm.

There is an 11-hour daytime lighting available on a monthly basis. In November the windspeed varies between 4 km/h and 5 km/h. That means you can anticipate totally calm conditions. Appellations that best describe the November climate are beautiful and sunshiny, with medium temperatures in November:

Ultraviolet in November is EXTREME. The best suitable atmospheric temperature for circulating is 1016 hPa. And in November, the barometric pressures are actually lower. This is the most suitable level of moisture when the human being preferentially feels at a relatively high level of about 45 per cent RH. Significantly higher atmospheric moisture is to be expected in November.

You' re inclined to find it clumsy. Accurate November Myanmar day to day forecasts (based on archived meteorological data):

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