Myanmar Temperature January

Burma Temperature January

January weather in Rangoon, Yangon, Myanmar, average. January was sunny and warm during the day and warm enough for T-shirts in the evening. Mean temperature, sunshine, precipitation, wind and wave conditions for Ngapali Beach, Myanmar in January. The months with the coolest average daytime temperatures are January and December. I' m pretty sure August is the rainy season in Myanmar, but this is the only time I can go.

Weather in Yangon in January - Myanmar Tours

Yangon in January shows a slight temperature rise. Myanmar's former capitol is enjoying arid and sunshine all year round. Yangon's January mean temperature of 25.05°C (77.09°F) is not too high. Averages of high temperature can be as high as 32.2°C (90°F) in the afternoon.

On the other hand, it is very gentle at nights due to the low of 17.9 degrees Celsius (64.2 degrees F) on averages. It is expected, however, that the temperature may rise above 35°C or fall below 29°C. There are many different light cycles in this time of the year, as the shorter days are 11 hrs and 10 min, and the longest days are 11 hrs and 24 min with an mean length of 11 hrs and 14 min.

Rainfall is very low this time of the year, so you can admire the beautiful and sunshiny sky over Yangon with an impressive 9 hrs and 40 min per days averaging. Approximately 1 hr 26 min a days when the light is not shining because clouds, mist or the light is too low on the skyline to record.

It is also noteworthy that it can rainy on some of these first few months, with drizzle being the main type of rainfall. January is the cold period of Myanmar, when this land can be very bustling during this period, so you should schedule your trip well in advance in order to prevent many inconveniences such as awkward accommodation or high-priced service.

Burma Daily Weather Report (Created at 14:00 Monday, 8 January 2018)

CONCLUSION OF OBSERVATION TIMES AT 09:30 AM S.T.: During the last (24) hour period, rains were common in Naypyitaw and the eastern Shan state, dispersed in the regions of Bago and Taninthayi, Kachin, Southern Shan and Kayah, insulated in the regions of Magway and Ayeyarwady, and the climate was partially overcast in the other regions and states.

Overnight temperature was (7°C) to (8°C) above the January mean temperature in the Bago region, (East and South)Shan, Kayah states, (5°C) to (6°C) above the January mean temperature in the Ayeyarwady, Kayin and Mon states, (3°C) to (4°C) above the January mean temperature in the Mandalay and Yangon, Rakhine State regions, (2°C) above the January mean temperature in the Magway and Tanayi regions.

Significant overnight temperature was (-2°C) in Hakha, (4°C) in Tongzan, (5°C) in Falam and Tiddim, (6°C) in Thipaw and Mogoke respectively. The weather is generally over North Bay and Westcentral Bay is generally fairly and partially overcast to overcast over the Andaman Sea and elsewhere in the Bay of Bengal. perspective available until 9 january 2018:

Rains will be dispersed in Naypyitaw, Bago region, (East and South)Shan, Kayah states, insulated in Taninthayi region, Kachin, Kayin and Mon states. The weather will be partially overcast in Mandalay, Magway, Yangon and Ayeyarwady, Northern Shan and Rakhine and generally equitable in other regions and states. COUNTRY OF THE SEA: The oceans will be light to temperate in the water of Myanmar.

The wave will be about (3 - 5) ft near and along the coast of Myanmar. The Taninthayi region continues to experience rains. PROGNOSIS FOR NAYPYITAW AND ADJACENT AREA FOR JANUARY 9, 2018: PROGNOSIS FOR YANGON AND ASSURING AREA FOR JANUARY 9, 2018: Light cloud. PROGNOSIS FOR MANDALAY AND ADJACENT AREA FOR JANUARY 9, 2018:

Light cloud.

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