Myanmar Telephone number

The Myanmar Phone Number

(Plus) sign before entering Myanmar mobile number and phone number. If you want to call Myanmar from Singapore, dial: Mr. Jovi currently leads a number of M&A transactions in Myanmar. Visitors must make an appointment by calling the office at the number below. This page contains the telephone number of Myanmar.

Useful number

Telephone postcards are available at postal services in the hotel or on the street. It is even more convenient that most kiosks in the large towns also have telephone tickets. Street phones are mostly for making and receiving personal conversations. What is the best way to call MYANMAR? If you are calling abroad yourself, you must first select "00" (international area code), then the national dialing number, then the area code and the number.

If you make long distance or mobile telephony call in MYANMAR, you should first select the area codes beginning with 0, then the area codes. For long range international calling with a fixed line (to a mobile phone) in MYANMAR you should first call 09 and then the mobile number.

If you call a MYANMAR fixed network connection from MYANMAR, you must first select the dialing number, e.g. 011 in the USA and then the national dialling codes for MYANMAR, then the area codes and the city number. If you call a MYANMAR number, you must first call the phone's dialing number, then 95-9, then the number.

Burma - Allen & Overy

Burma offers one of the most interesting business possibilities in the game. It is in the interests of foreigners to share in this development when the state opens up, especially in areas such as infrastructures, banks, telecommunication, industry, tourism, production, power and physical ressources, and in the supply of important utilities. A further impulse is the government's proactive quest for FDI alongside FDI, as it opens its economies to multinational companies.

With Myanmar's resurgence into the global financial world, we have concentrated on creating and understand the regulatory and operational frameworks for the implementation of Myanmar's asset allocation policies. As a result, we are working on a number of high-profile topics for customers who want to penetrate the industry or have successfully made it.

Working with the Myanmar authorities and academia on a regular basis, we provide trainings in areas of relevance to overseas investments. This means, besides working with our customers, that we are spending a great deal of our free day in the capitol Nya Pyi Taw to meet and hold meetings with civil servants and departments. Learn more about Allen & Overy's worldwide competence.

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