Myanmar Telephone Code

The Myanmar area code

Myanmar STD codes and area codes. Learn how to call different cities in Myanmar with area codes. Call Myanmar country code (area code). Includes an interactive map and real tips from travelers to explore Myanmar. Get the country code and area code for Myanmar immediately to make your international call to Myanmar.

This is the code you need to access a specific area.

This is the code you need to access a specific area. Every land is allocated a clear countrycode. This is the code for a part of the land. A number of states are not large enough to justify their own area code, so they have the 1 area code and use the area code to specify the state.

These are some useful information about Myanmar. SQ KM678,500 This page will help you call from Myanmar with dialing internationally. Preselections for Myanmar are also included. Myanmar's code is 95.

Burma Area Code, 95 area code, +95 area code

Choose another county: By counties : This page provides all the information you need to call Myanmar from abroad. Alternatively, you can use the region code below for the main towns in Myanmar. Burma is a Asian nation, its capitol is Rangoon and its people are from Burma.

Myanmar's total populace in 2012 was 54,584,650 persons. Myanmar covers an area of 676,578 sqkm.

Useful numbers

Telephone postcards are available at postal services in the hotel or on the street. It is even more convenient that most kiosks in the large towns also have telephone tickets. Street phones are mostly for making and receiving personal conversations. What is a telephone in MYANMAR? If you are calling abroad yourself, you must first select "00" (international area code), then the national area code, then the area code and the city number.

If you make long distance or mobile telephony call in MYANMAR, you should first select the area code beginning with 0, then the area code. For long range international calling with a fixed line (to a mobile phone) in MYANMAR, you should first call 09 and then the mobile number.

If you call a MYANMAR fixed network connection from MYANMAR, you must first select the dialing code, e.g. 011 in the USA and then the national code for MYANMAR, then the area code and the city number. If you call a MYANMAR number, you must first call the phone's dialing code, then 95-9, then the number.

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