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Myanmar Company Limited, better known as ACM, supports the publication rights for the Myanmar phone book. The Myanmar phone book and official yellow pages. Dialing instructions for calls to and from anywhere in Myanmar (Burma). This Mobile Country Code Resource Guide gives you the Myanmar Mobile Code and shows you how to call a Myanmar mobile phone from the USA. The Myanmar Phone Book & Official Yellow Pages, Myanmar Super Pages [Advanced Communication Myanmar Co.

,Ltd. address.

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Myanmar is a country of breathtaking marvels - lush archeological places, sparkling marvels and memorials, glory -filled histories and charming civilizations that have proven themselves for millennia, colorful celebrations and beautiful art, supplemented by its most lovable and welcoming individuals.

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Affordable landline telephony (MPT) cuts landline costs by half

Myanma State Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) has indicated that it will reduce its PSTN (Auto Telephone) charges to K325,000 ($270), down 50 per cent from the prior K650,000 rates. The MPT said it was aimed at making the deployment of landlines "more affordable" for residential and business customers. "Companies in particular often need a landline connection for landline telephones and DSL broadband to work.

With the reduction in installed base, we believe that more individuals and especially more companies will consider the deployment of piping and we look forward to giving new clients more access," said MPT in a declaration. MPT partnered with KDDI Corp and Sumitomo Corp in July 2014 to improve the overall QoS of its networks and expand its reach through cutting-edge technology.

Together, KDDI and Sumitomo have pledged to spend over $2 billion to speed up the MPT switch. Myanmar has 526,792 landlines in 2014, approximately one landline per 100 persons, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations specialized organization for information and communications technology (ICT).

But it is unlikely that the new step will help MPT achieve its goal of raising the number of landline subscribers in the nation, especially if a cell phones with an ISP can be purchased for only $40.

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