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Homepage ' News ' Myanmar: A visit to a model farm in Israel this week highlighted Myanmar's potential for agricultural development. They also say North Korea sent missile technology to Myanmar. For VOA Learning English, Mario Ritter adapted this story based on AP messages. The latest news about the Myanmar Institute of Information Technology.

The Bloomberg Media Group launches Myanmar's first cross-platform Business & Technology News offering

The Bloomberg Group today announces a strategic alliance with Skynet, the country's premier televised pay-TV operator, to deliver high-quality economic and finance coverage across various major Myanmar audio-visual channels. Bloomberg Skynet, as part of the alliance, will supply Skynet with information, contents, resources and trainings that will be backed by Bloomberg's more than 2,700 message pros around the globe.

SkyNet recruits and expands its current Corporate Intelligence staff and produces unique corporate and technological intelligence in Myanmar from Monday to Friday. Selected programs from Bloomberg's worldwide sky net subscriber distribution system are also compiled and captioned in Myanmar. Contents will be available on all major TV, broadcast, digital, wireless and wireless media channels.

"We are pleased to be working with a major broadcasting service such as Skynet to create funding expertise in a rapidly growing market," said Dan Molloy, Commercial Director for Asia Pacific, Bloomberg Media Group. "Whilst the county remains open to international investor, we want to have useful discussions about Myanmar's commercial and capital spending environment.

It is an important part of our overall expanding international network, which involves working with communications companies in key worldwide marketplaces. "Myanmar is a promising growing player for paid TV and there is a genuine shortage and appetite for real-time wireless communication," said U Ko Ko Ko Ko, Vice President (News and Infotainment), Skynet.

"We are pleased to be working with Bloomberg Media Group to carry Myanmar's history of economic and technological development into the wider Myanmar region." Burma Summary:

Overcoming Asia's last technical border

YANGON, Myanmar - Honey Mya Win did not have to search long to explore the technical possibilities for Myanmar. As a 26-year-old former telecommunications technician at Huawei, she was directly engaged in the configuration of cell tower and basestation controller configurations that extended 3G connectivity to a once-retired state. "She said, "My side was actually the one that connected the land.

" This was a few years ago - when Myanmar's cellular phone coverage was still in one digit figures. More than 200 participants, among them international VC', came to listen to Win and three other start-ups at the country's first demo day, which was organized by the Phandeeyar speed bar in Yangon at the beginning of the months.

"There' s definitely a feeling of starvation to get hold of information, technologies, data and information - perhaps just because the land was previously so closed," Petersen said. In 2011, this process of transition began after the army handed it over to a civilian-led regime and opened the land to the outside community.

By 2014, the Qatari company Ooreedo and Telenor, a telecommunications provider in Norway, were awarded telecommunications licences, which dramatically reduced the cost of their use. "Genevieve Heng, Director at Anthem Asia, a Myanmar-based investing group, said: "When they started, everyone went directly to 3G. "All of a sudden, everyone was on Facebook. "Soziale Mediaplattformen such as Facebook have benefited from the fast increasing number of users by joining forces with telecommunications enterprises to provide some functions on their websites without datacost.

In the meantime, the number of actively involved people in the field of public relations exceeds 14 million or a fourth of the people. This is a tremendous leap, considering that few in the state only knew about Facebook in 2012. Singapore-based Mike Than Tun Win, who founded the BOD Tech company, said it has become the most favourite way of talking in a land with few opportunities for fun.

" The Phandeeyar project lays the foundation for the next stage of the Myanmar digitization revolution: the promotion of domestic start-ups. In his spacious Yangon city centre practice, Petersen and David Madden help young businessmen and founders combine with seasoned minds to teach the basics of corporate management. Phandeeyar, which in Burmese means "place of creation", has become the epicentre of the country's developing technology community since the first Code for Change Myanmar in 2014 and offers locally talented people invaluable contacts to an investor group.

Phandeeyar's huge track record has lured some great technology companies to the forefront. The group last year won a $2 million technology grant from Omidyar Network, the philanthropy funds of E-bay founding member Pierre Omidyar. As Myanmar's technology community has gained more prominence, the pace of external investors in the economy has largely slumped due to uncertainties about over-regulation.

According to the World Banks, only a third of the world' s citizens have power, while a large proportion still have no account. It points to Myanmar's prime position as a place to be. "It was one of the leaders in Asia before the junta took power and entered the Rip Van Winkle (Myanmar) era," she said.

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