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Burma teacher photo

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I' m the DJ, he' s the teacher.

He' s gone quiet in the schoolroom as the teacher hands over a bunch of notices. Since the examination is only two working nights away, the participants are upset. However, for these college kids it is their chance to become the next big thing in Myanmar - or maybe even in the whole state. In the United DJ Licensing Center, would-be dj' s are learning the "art of mixing" under the skilled hands of the award-winning DJ Kieran Way - or DJ KC, as he is known in the musical community.

While the pupils crouch around the platters to get a lecture in "Scratching", it becomes clear that djbing is more than just pressing a few buttons. To pass their exams, pupils have to complete a 20-minute kit in a Yangon night club, and when the night club manager is looking for new talents, there is no room for error.

Besides stunts like scratch and juggle, Way uses a mixture of English and Myanmar to explain that they are assessed on important abilities like beats, looping and effect and pitching. A DJ whose DJ careers span more than 20 years and who has performed alongside iconic artists such as Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, Way was originally from Myanmar, but later emigrated to Australia.

After he had visited Myanmar in 2007, he chose to take his mixed courses to Myanmar. Myanmar's first of its kind, the six-week course, provides everything you need to know to become a superstar. By the end of the course Way will also be sponsoring a college graduate to DJ at an event in Australia - a unique occasion for those who come from a land that is not well known for international DJ exports.

It was my intention to give DJ courses for beginners to get them out of the countries at multinational contests. Let's hope Myanmar will one day begin to export D. J.'s instead of import them," Way said. "I always wanted to be a katwalk girl, but then I chose to become a DJ because there are no DJ gals in Myanmar.

I' d like to be the first well-known DJ gal in Myanmar," said Su Su, who spent $600 on the courses. Was she ever in a night club? It' obvious that the student has a love for it. "This is the first thing we've learned in Myanmar.

It' thrilling because we have the opportunity to become one of Myanmar's best deejays and even one of the best international DJs," he said. Amidst the crowds at Parkroyal's Basement One night club on May 29th is the director of Yangon night club DJ Bar, who has pledged two of the student work.

The jury was supported by the well-known DJ s DJ Jay and Xeno, who also appeared at the show. There' s a few misstarts, and not all the kids have scratched as well as others, but some of the young DJ' s are remarkable behind the deck.

He said he was amazed at how well the kids did.

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