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Welcome to Mandalay City, Myanmar. Taw Ye Pyar drinking water system (Naypyitaw). YouTube on Facebook - Twitter. This is Metta Thote Taw from Min Gun Sayadaw. Asia-Nyanissara Pathan TAyar Source:

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Newwire | Job optimism in Asia-Pacific remains high in the first quarter

Trust in Indonesia rose by five index points to 122 and was thus above the Indian index value of 120, which was one point lower than in the fourth quarter. Trust in the Philippines and Thailand stayed high in the first quarter at 118 and 115, respectively. The Chinese index of 108 has been stable since the fourth quarter and trust in Hong Kong has risen by 23 points to 108.

Consumers' trust above and below a base line of 100 points to openness and disillusion. Sixty two per cent of Asia-Pacific survey participants were positive about the number of job opportunities next year, four points higher than at the end of last year, ahead of Latin America (46%), North America (42%), the Middle East/Africa (33%) and Europe (23%).

For 62 per cent of those surveyed, savings in replacement currency remains a top prioritisation, an improvement of four per cent compared to the fourth quarter of last year, and the intention to spend on construction measures grew by five points to 23 per cent. Expenditure plans in North America have risen since the beginning of the Great Depression in 2008. In the first quarter, customer sentiment in Western and Eastern Europe grew and exceeded the previous year's level.

The Latin Americans were reluctant to spend and regional trust fell by two points in the first quarter. Consumption in the Middle East/Africa fell to its low for three years. It has rates by gender and population for each of the countries on the basis of their use of the web, is typical of the use of the web and has a maximal rate of errors of ±0.6%.

The spread of the web varies from state to state. China Consumer Confidence Index is based on a segregated composite of 3,500 interviewees in China.

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