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Tayar Taw. Lut U Tayar (Lut Latt Eain). Kungiyar masu tayar da kayar baya wacce ta fito daga cikin tsiraru 'yan kabilar Rohingya a Myanmar ta ce za ta ci gaba da yakar gwamnatin kasar. The Shwe job smart phone app Myanmar by Su Tayar Lin, project. View the daily app ranking, rankings, ratings, features and ratings of top apps like Myanmar Buddha Tayar on the Google Play Store.

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The Lamintayar Co. was established in 2000 as a privately owned company. Our speciality is the supply of high-quality components such as whole and skimmed powdered skimmed milks for the production of sweet steamed water and steamed water milks, bakeries, confectionery shops and ices, as well as for retail and consumer. We have been the biggest importers of powdered milks in Myanmar since our foundation in 2000.

Fonterra - the world's biggest milk product importer - supplies high-quality NZMP brand milk products.

SMART Myanmar and GIZ are participating in a workshop on employment law at UMFCCI.

SMART Myanmar, a European Union-funded SMART Myanmar and GIZ's Social and Labor Standards in Clothing and Textiles in Asia (SLSG) joint to organise a half-day workshop on labor law, which is most important for Myanmarfactors. Though they originally wanted to take on about 70 executives and employees, over 200 people participated to listen to lawyers from Luther Law Office answering issues about labor law in Myanmar, astatment.

While I believe most of Myanmar's plants are interested in complying with Myanmar's labor legislation, it is often not easy. Occasionally, legislation is inconsistent and this can lead to a great deal of disarray among plant management. Hopefully today has been a little more consistent and clear," said Jacob A. Clere, SMART Myanmar Team Leader.

Smit Myanmar is the biggest nonprofit engineering education effort in Myanmar's manufacturing area. Supported by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, the program has educated several hundred executives and tens of clothing manufacturers on various societal and ecological issues. At the Tuesday meeting, Ms. Su Tayar Lin introduced the Shwe Job smart phone application - an application aimed at educating Myanmar's clothing manufacturers about labor law and workplace security and healthcare at the MGU.

"We do not promise a revolutionary outcome, but I believe that by informing employees and executives about the legislation in place, it will be much more easy to establish good working relationships," said Su Tayar Lin, Sequa SLSG Projectmanager at GIZ.

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