Myanmar Taya

Burma Taya

Buddhism, Politics and Political Thinking in Myanmar - Matthew J. Walton It is the first volume to give a comprehensive view of how the ideas of Buddhism have affected Myanmar's policy and think. Much of Matthew J. Walton's description of the'moral universe' of Theravada Buddhism, which has enshrined most of Myanmar's policy thought, is based on 150 years of Myanmar's linguistic republic.

By clarifying several of Burma's concepts of "democracy" and "political participation," the volume provides the reader with a conceptional frame to understand some of the core dynamic of Myanmar's current policy transformation. A number of these ideologies contribute to shedding further light upon restricted or exclusive policy stimuli such as anti-Muslim-Buddhist na-tionalism or skepticism about the capacity of the public to take part in policy.

It will be available to a broad audience and will stimulate further research and debates.

Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar

In this anthology we look at the dynamic of the Myanmar/Burma judiciary system in the light of the tragic but imperfect democratic transformation that began in 2011. The report contains articles by senior academics in this area on a number of important jurisdictional questions currently faced by Myanmar, such as the impartiality of the judiciary, the constitution, respect for fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, as well as fundamental freedoms and the need for institution-building.

The book contains sections on Myanmar's judicial background, election and judicial system as well as the state of the art in corporate governance. There are also sections based on the experience of other nations to contextualize Myanmar's democratic transformation in a comparable framework, which included Myanmar's involvement in local fora such as ASEAN.

Coming at a crucial moment in Myanmar's judicial evolution, this current publication will be an inestimable source for scholars and educators looking for a better knowledge of the Myanmar judicial system. This will also be important read for a large number of governments, economic and civic organizations wishing to reunite with Myanmar as it is undergoing a challenging democratic and constitutional process.

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