Myanmar Taunggyi City

Burma Taunggyi City

The Royal Star Hotel in Taunggyi, Myanmar. Explore City Photo ideas. for Taunggyi: capital of the Shan State.

I' m Shan Yeit Chel Farmhouae, Taunggyi.

is a superhost - Superstar host are seasoned, top class hosters who are dedicated to offering great hospitality to people. Recently constructed two-storey building with magnificent views of mountain and farms. A 15 minutes car ride from downtown Taunggyi and close to many sights in southern Shan State. A few brief hiking destinations are available and the bio farmstead is close by, common larder with equipment or kitchen/coffee & teapreparation, free breakfasts with season-fruit.

Within easy reach on foot to the spa and bio-holding. Near the Hills Town - 15 minutes ride to the near hillside to see the town and have a bird's eye perspective of the surroundings. 45 minutes ride to the hilltop town where you can see the Pa Oh and live its life style.

From there you can take a half-hour hike to the summit to enjoy a stunning panoramic views of the surroundings and Inle Lake. is a superhost - Superstar host are seasoned, top class hosters who are dedicated to offering great hospitality to people. There are more places to spend the night in Taunggyi:

Myanmar Project (Taunggyi) 2017 - SEALNet

The SEALNet is a non-profit organisation devoted to promoting services excellence in South East Asia municipalities by establishing and maintaining a fellowship of services providers engaged and passionately engaged in and promoting South East Asia and global societal transformation. SEALNet's dedication to grassroots engagement in sustainable society is mirrored in its SEALNet activities over the last 12 years in various South East Asia regions.

In 2017, we are proud to present one of our groundbreaking Myanmar initiatives with a key issue of empowering mothers. The Myanmar 2017- Taunggyi: women Empowerment project seeks to address the need for long-term female involvement in all sectors of the community, particularly in Myanmar's state affairs. Here, the project is designed to promote women's involvement in all areas of Myanmar's population.

Empowering women's human dignity and removing obstacles to policy making are crucial to this. It is our belief that Myanmar woman can be accepted into the ranks of other capable woman throughout the entire globe if the right path to progress is opened for them. Myanmar young people in three key areas: individual growth, leadership and social commitment, all under SEALNet's mentor-mentor scheme and the key issue of empowering young people.

Workshop, team building and exposition tours will be carried out before the end of the non-profit making programme, with the involvement of all parties involved in the work. It will run from 12 to 23 June 2017 in the city of Taunggyi. Once the programme is completed, the young Myanmar people will be asked to develop a mentee management structure that builds on the project's visions and makes it lasting over the years.

Name of the project: Myanmar 2017 Project - Taunggyi,

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