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Tattoo Photos of Myanmar


Burmese tattoo artist Min Thu Wai works in his tattoo studio in Yangon, Myanmar. China Myanmar Tribal Tattoos | See more ideas about faces, facial tattoos and ethnic. "A better thing here[than in Thailand] is that Myanmar tattooists don't completely copy the images," he said. One of the last of her tribe to have complicated facial tattoos is an elderly woman in Myanmar.

The traditional tattoos in Myanmar are all the anger

Myanmar's rise from decade-long monastic regime has led to a succession of international product in recent years. It has also made it possible to revive old fashion, such as the tattoo. As Myanmar's frontiers open and the web rights of censure are abolished, young Myanmarans are widely exposing themselves to international tendencies and many new countercultures are being born.

But a whirring tattoo workshops in Yangon suggest that it' s back in fashion for your work. "We have lost our tradition of getting tattoos and we are returning the Myanmar style," says Tut P, 37, a Mandalay-based tattooist who was involved in organizing the Myanmar Trad. ink workshops.

There is a long story of tattooing in Myanmar, where the country's countless indigenous minorities used tattooing as a means of providing religious shelter, a sign of the state' society and an antidote to ailments. However, it was oppressed under Britain and tabooed under the repressive army jungle that followed for almost five years.

Tattooists now are revitalizing the historical pictures and samples with contemporary tattoo pistols that are seen as more secure than conventional tool. "A further distinction today is that youngsters choose their own designs," says Maung Thi, 25, a tattooist who came on the market six years ago. "Juveniles today choose expressive tattoos," he said to the AFP.

For example, Yadanar Thun Phyo, 20, painted her own copy of a mystic Myanmar avian that she had written on her foot in the shelter. Although tattooing is still much more common among men than among females, she proposed that they too could change. "A lot of folks think a tattoo makes you more beautiful," she said.

Sculpture instructions

The Gthree Tattoo StudioArtist Naing Gyi began to tattoo in 2003 and founded Gthree Studio in 2006 with his affiliate Win Htut. Naing Gyi specializes in traditional/cultural tattoos in Myanmar with her own designs and is happy to advise clients who wish to do so. Every year he makes about 15-20 new designs of his own work, which he evaluates according to sizes and designs.

The price starts at US.

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