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Kwai kills over 1.50 lak Tamil.

This may not be The Bridge on the River Kwai, but this is a more realistic feature length feature about the dramatic deaths of over 1.5 Lamh Tamil laborers than the Oscar-winning David Lean one. The 1957 movie does not tell the tale of two Tamil immigrants from Malaysia and Burma who had to work between 1940 and 1942 on a 415 km long railroad line between Thailand and Burma (Myanmar), which included a viaduct over the Kwai, as part of the Japanese Greater Asian Map.

The Death Railway (Marana Railpathai) by Puducherry-based academic R. Kurinjivendan illuminates the mysterious incident. When it was over in 15 month, you can picture these impoverished workmen trying to walk down the road," said Mr. Kurinjivendan, an associate lecturer at Arignar Anna Arts and Science College, Karaikal.

Just 35,000 came back after a UK evacuation after World War II, which means that over 1.50 litres of Tamils have died. During his travels to England, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar, he researched Allied military document. Although many congregations, among them Mukkulathor and Gounder, were migrating, most of the dalit were from Chengalpattu and North Arcot, he found.

Not only the Britons but also the Portugueses and Dutch carried Tamils from Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga, Pudukottai, Coimbatore, Chengalpattu and North Arcot to different plants. "At least one member of one of our families was compelled to work on the death train," says Dr. Kurinjivendan.

While in Myanmar and Malaysia, he encountered several of his fellow travellers, including 112-year-old Pal Pandian. On the third date of their encounter, he told about his experiences building a dirt street along the rail. It meandered through 300 km of dense rain forest in Thailand and 115 km in Myanmar.

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