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If you decide to put your money in a sock just to find out that we were right, don't panic: There are many exchange offices and ATMs in Myanmar. Liberia and Myanmar both use the metric system. Essays and funny reading before you travel to Myanmar. The Burmese no longer seem to talk about even younger "illegal" Chinese immigrants (and there are more of them than Rohingya's, I think). Criticism of Suu Kyi from the West will not help Myanmar - will China's UN intervention help?

Rohingya crisis has not harmed Myanmar's tourism industry

Burma's tourism destinations increased by 18 per cent last year to 3.44 million in spite of widespread condemnations of the Rohingya Muslim people. Myanmar's Ministry of Hotels and Tourism said it was expecting some 3.5 million people to visit last year, after the number of people arriving dropped from 4.7 million in the last 12 month to 2.9 million in 2016.

"I think the number has risen because we have organised many publicity campaigns and the authorities have permitted visitors to visit previously limited areas," said U Myint Htwe, Assistant General Manager at the Department, in an interviewe. However, it may be hard to get accurate information in Myanmar. Some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped from Myanmar's Rakhine state to neighbouring Bangladesh since August last year, when fighters from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Force assaulted 25 policemen and military stations and killed a dozen safety officers.

"We were expecting 3.5 million in 2017, but we only got 3.44 million from India's catastrophes and H1N1," said Myint Htwe, added that the effects of the Rakhine dispute were minimal because it was not an important travel area. "We are expecting more than 3.44 million this year," he said.

By 2015, the World Traveller & Tourist Council predicted that Myanmar's tourist and tourist industry would have grown by 8.4 per cent by 2025, making it the number one in the country's population. The McKinsey Global Institute's 2013 Myanmar Global Institute estimates that by 2030 it could provide $14.1 billion to Myanmar's economic development and could provide employment for around 2.3 million population.

"In 2017, the tourist industry was definitely affected by the overall economic situation, especially with respect to European visitors," said Enrico Cesenni, CEO of Myanmar Strategic Holdings Ltd, which invests in Myanmar's hotel and tourist industry.

There are 5 things you probably didn't know about Myanmar

There are five things you probably didn't know about Myanmar. Myanmar's growing and lucrative winemaking industries include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Sauvignon. This scarf is actually a long rock-like long one. Ever since they were children, female Kayans have worn a ring around their necks that creates the impression of a long throat.

It is not a single movement or a single movement of the hands they use to attract the attentions of a waitress in Myanmar, but a cooling murmur. Visitors to the diner call the waiters with two or three brief greetings when they are willing to order or settle the bill. Explore Myanmar's one-of-a-kind site on one of our small group trips or take a look at our offer of personal itineraries.

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