Myanmar Suggested Itinerary

Burma Recommended Itinerary

It is best to book through your hotel in Mandalay (immediately after your arrival in Myanmar). Itinerary for a trip to Myanmar: Would anyone recommend a itinerary? This is my route proposal for you. Myanmar Bagan Renting a bike is one of the best ways to explore Bagan.

Yangon flight (days 1-4)

Though Myanmar has strict limits on where to go and where not, what to see and what not, places where you need unjustly remunerated permissions, with ridiculous timeframes - there are still a few ways to attack the land on your sojourn. This is the way I've come to the end and is an estimate that you also have 28 more or less day in a land that is never far from the world.

Put on your adventure boot, take your best smiles with you (because it is more than surpassed by the lovable locals) and take this back to the enchanting journey through myanmar. It is in the southwest of Myanmar (the county has a piece of ground that is the real southern one, but has limitations - more about this later).

Local people will be glad to practise their English with you and learn more about your own lives and birthplace. Take a cab to see'Shwedagon Bagoda' - the most prestigious sacred memorial in the land, which is said to contain a Buddha's own relict.

Bagoda (then new to me) is like a steroid sanctuary, and this special work of artwork is better seen on a clear sky and sunny day when the gold rooftop glitters to make a love-life. Walk Bagoda mad and inspect the others until you experience Bagoda tiredness.

It is a very creepy place and looking for it in the middle of an abundance of old, scarlet bricked houses (this is the only descriptive of the place) I took a look at a certain house and said to my traveling friend: "It must be this one - this place looks like it has a story.

The hotel I was staying at: "The Yoma One Hotel. "Thirty bucks for a king size bunk, a jug of hot chocolate and eggs on top of bananas and orange squash for lunch. You' ll just have to go to Myanmar's last imperial capitol because it's the country's traffic crossroad.

People thought I was mad to get a rough and sluggish rail trip ($30) instead of a coach or plane - but I just love rail-travelling! It is a rather violent trip and you cannot wait to be able to sleep on this 16 hours trip, as the natives shout at every stop to buy hot teas and hard-boiled eggs.

Oldschool rail trips; I like it. Take a motorcycle ride through the luxuriant landscape with the fierce caramel-coloured horse in front of you is a picture you will not soon overlook. The hotel I was staying at:

"$12 Nylon Hotel" for a twin room in the center of town! Includes a teapot of tea/coffee with eggs and notast and a vanilla for breakfasts. It was a little longer than expected because my malarial pills were bothering my inner parts and I had to relax. From here I wanted to go to Kachin State from here northwards, but I would have had to have waited 2 week to maybe get my permission, which would have left very little to get back to Yangon.

At first I reserved a 9-hour $7 coach ride - I then recalled that I totally despised coach trips, so I was counting my deaths. They can buy your $10 ticket half an hours before. There are about five stopovers on the country side of the island and the local people come to buy you dinner - you get some real character! - I wish you the same kind of bad luck I had that was!

I' ve been staying at: "The May Khlar Hôtel. Located in the center of the less expensive Nyaung U area. It has a great breakfasts - nice teapot of teas, eggs on toasts, cakes and a large fruitsalad. It is a little dull, but it is definitely a good idea to await the three-day walk to Inlay, where you will find locals living in their towns and convents with ancient sages.

I' ve been staying at: "The Winner Hole. It' $20 a day for a small slice of eggs on top of fresh fruits and on top of toasts. for $118 - ask your motel to reserve it for you. When I do all this again, I will get my permit to go to Kachin State and the far southern part of Myanmar before visiting the eastern cost!

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