Myanmar Street Photography

Burma Street Photography

Myanmar Street Photography, an amazing adventure that travels from Meiyek to Ye, Dawei, Mawlamyine and Yangon, capturing and observing the lives of the locals. Yangon, Burma. Here I discovered that photography is my thing, my passion. The street photography consists of images taken in the weeks following the first democratic elections in Burma in seven decades. Myanmar boatbuilders in rice fields.

Road Photography in Myanmar by Mark Seymour

To see more of my street photos every day, please visit Instagram. Taking pictures of street scenes has impressed me a lot in recent years. So many unbelievable and varied places and places to grasp, the inspirations are etern.

In 2016 I went to India; Jodhpur, Silchar and Kolkata, Easter in Sicily and a first trip to the Vietnamese city of Hanoi,.......and 2017 will be no less of an experience! It is denominated in Kyat, but you must take US dollar and exchange your cash there.

For populations over 48 million, the mean lifespan is 64 years for men and 68 years for mothers. During the whole journey, the hotel offered a neat, simple place to relax after a long photojourney. The breakfast was inclusive and there was a lot of new fruits. We had supper in the locals' caf├ęs, I mainly had roasted poultry cooked in Burmese, because it was difficult to decipher the menus as everything was in Burmese.

Coming to the Chinese New Year, we captured some of the festivities, among them the drag ons along the street and the glowing candlelights. Yangon has many different kinds of street photography as a bustling metropolis, among them street fairs, the railway and then the fishery harbour and the school.

In the fishery harbour I took a couple of pictures concentrating on the boys who had moved and cut up the iceblocks so that the pisces could be kept in the square. The pictures I took from twilight to the sundown of the silhouettes of ships and fishers.

It also has many street fairs; there is a large selection of produce, locally caught food, as well as squid, and many dry species. Even the simplest wood hangers and sticks are still used. Locals are gathering on the ground to act out decks of playing but be careful, as they don't like being shot on them.

Thanaka, a saplings of the Thanaka forest, is a native beauty/skin treatment that can be applied to the area. Most of the convents were made up of young men and young orphans who had joined the monastic community instead of going to war. We' ve taken pictures of the beautiful buddhistic temple, which includes the gold tip in Yangon and the Giant Reclining Buddha in the Chaukhtatgyi temple, with his skins, gold gowns and gold lip, it's an unbelievable view.

Though Buddhism is the most important religion, Myanmar is made up of 135 different ethnical groups and their different beliefs and worship. This is a choice of my favorite photos from this journey. There is not even a one-hundreth of what there was to catch and I can hardly await to go back.

To see more of my street photos every day, please visit Instagram.

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