Myanmar Street

Burma Road

Street food" takes on a completely different meaning in downtown Yangon, as makeshift restaurants slosh onto the streets from sidewalks. -YANGON, Myanmar - Not one who keeps pressing the snooze button, Yangon is an early riser. It' s a great location, but it is the only hostel where the locals live. Girls walking down Myanmar Street. " My love of Yangon street food led me to the tours.

letter of agreement

The last update of this Directive was on 16 May 2018. Your personal data is important to us at Bonnier Corporation. The present data protection declaration is valid for all goods, service and web sites provided by Bonnier Corporation and its affiliates (together "Bonnier"). In order to better safeguard your private sphere, we are providing you with this information in which we explain our data protection practice and the options you can choose regarding the way in which your data is recorded and used by Bonnier.

Bonnnier functions as "data protection officer" within the meaning of the EU's General Regulation on the Protection of Individuals' Privacy. We have nominated a Privacy Officer to be contacted if you have any queries or doubts about Bonnier's privacy policy or practice. Should you have any queries about this privacy policy or wish to review your information to review, amend or amend it, please send us an email at or by post:

To protect you, we may ask you to verify your identification before we disclose information to you. By using the advantages of many Bonnier Web sites, Bonnier offers you the opportunity to use our Web site without having to disclose information that uniquely identifies you by name, or your postal or other personal information. Personal data is only collected if you volunteer it to us.

Sometimes we need personal identification information to be able to offer you the goods and sevices you have requested. We may ask you for a wide range of personal information according to the type of goods or provision of them. For example, this includes your name, your postal and email addresses, your phone number, your sex and your date of origin.

Certain identifiable information is considered "sensitive". Certain kinds of information are NEVER sought or gathered, such as information about your racial or racial background, policy views, membership of unions, religion, health, lifestyles or lifestyles. We may not share any of your information with us.

If you do so, you will still be able to continue to visit and use many areas of our Web sites, but you will not be able to visit and use the areas of the Bonnier Web site that request your information. Most Bonnier sites contain social networking sites such as on-line discussion panels and messaging panels. Be careful before you disclose your person-related data in these people.

On some Bonnier websites and through certain actions, you may provide personal identification information about others. You can, for example, specify a person's name and email for sending an email message; or, if you want to order a present on-line or off-line and ship it directly to the receiver, you can specify the name and email of the receiver.

Several Bonnier sites also offer recommendation service to help you tell a relative about our sites, our product or our service. Personal information we gather about other individuals on sites such as this one may contain their name, email addresses, email addresses or phone numbers. For more information about the information Nielsen can gather and your selections regarding that information, please see Nielsen Digital Measurement's privacy policy at

They may use information that you have provided to us (e.g. clickstream information, browsers used, date and hour, topic of advertising clicks or scrolls, email address) during your visit to this and other websites to advertise goods and to promote you.

Sometimes Bonnnier sites provide competitions, raffles or promotional activities which may be sponsor or co-sponsored by third partys. As a result of their sponsorships, these third persons may receive personal identification information that the visitor provides on a voluntary basis for participation in competitions, raffles or advertising campaigns. We have no influence over the use of this information by third persons.

In the case of certain promotional campaigns, only those who have provided us with the personal data that we have asked for may order or otherwise take part in the promotional campaign's promotional activity and offers. Several of our web pages contain hyperlinks to other webpages. If you click on these hyperlinks, you will be leaving Bonnier's website and this Privacy Policy will no longer be applicable.

We do not have any controls over information that may be shared with or gathered by such third party. Will use the personal information you give us to answer your questions about our policies, programmes and our service, to answer your enquiries about offers and to give you other policies, programmes or service that we think may be of interest to you.

Your information is not used to make automatic choices. Through RSS or other technology, we may share the public domain contents of our communities with independent third-party Web sites. Likewise, we use the information you give us about others to deliver the goods or service you have ordered, such as your gift or card.

When you give us personal information for recommendation we may use this information to solicit you to browse our Web sites or supply information about our auctions. When you give us your email and/or mailing information, we may add it to email and/or mailing list (s) that we resell, exchange or lease to thirdds.

Those schedules will never contain sensible information. You may unsubscribe if you do not wish your email or mailing addresses to be disclosed to non-Bonnier entities wishing to offer you goods or service as described below. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from receiving Bonnier promotional material as described below.

Your information may be shared with other Bonnier companies for their own administration and use. Furthermore, your person-related information will be transmitted to other Bonnier agencies insofar as this is necessary for the fulfilment or completion of our contractually agreed commitments to you or for your advantage. We may also disclose your information if this is necessary to establish, enforce or defend you.

We do not pass on any person-related data to third countries. We will only disclose your personally identifiable information to external organizations or people in the following cases: If we use trustworthy enterprises or people in order to handle your personally identifiable information on our behalf. a. Prior to disclosing your personally identifiable information to third party third party information, we request that they undertake to handle such information in accordance with our policies and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and other appropriate privacy and safety precautions.

If we believe in good-faith belief that it is necessary to (a) observe the laws, regulations or judicial procedures in force; (b) implement the current conditions of use or other arrangements and guidelines on the Company's websites; (c) discover, hinder or otherwise attempt to defraud, compromise or otherwise attempt to defame or otherwise disrupt the right, ownership or safe use of Bonnier, its employees or the general public, as prescribed or allowed by the laws.

We will ask for your consent before disclosing your confidential information outside of the above mentioned conditions. This is only valid for sensible information, as specified above. On no account does this aggregate information contain information that could serve to help us in identifying individuals who use our goods or provide them.

To take appropriate natural, electrical and process engineering steps to secure your personally identifiable information. To ensure the privacy of your information, we use a wide range of safeguards, which include encrypting and authenticating it. Your personally identifiable information is stored on firewall based storage facilities that are only available to a restricted number of people, each of whom is obligated to keep it private.

We also take appropriate steps to ensure the transfer of your confidential information from your computer to the company's workstations. If you submit sensible individual-related data such as your name, address and bank account information to us, we allow you to use a safe link to our server. You will be notified if we become aware that there is a violation of your privacy that could have an impact on your personally identifiable information that we hold on our system.

We are obligated to safeguard such information in a way that is compatible with this Privacy Policy and may use such information only for the performance of the service they provide to you. We only collect information that is pertinent to the use for which it is used.

While we take reasonable measures to verify and up-date the information we collect to make sure it is true, comprehensive and up to date, we also rely on you to keep or amend your personally identifiable information. The data you provide may be corrected or deleted at any given moment.

Most of our sites offer the opportunity to verify and maintain the information you have provided on this site. If you have questions about personally-identifying information Bonnier has gathered about you, or other ways to rectify factually inaccurate information, please email us at

Please note: Do not use this e-mail to ask about your membership. In order to safeguard your confidentiality and safety, we will take appropriate measures to check your identification before we grant you permission or make any adjustments. Inquiries that are automatic, repeating, systematic or inconvenient, or that could endanger the private sphere of others, may also be rejected.

Therefore, you should not anticipate that all your personally identifiable information will be entirely deleted from our database as a result of your request. The information we gather is used only for those reasons that comply with this Privacy Statement. When we suggest using your personally identifiable information for any purpose beyond that described in this Privacy Statement, we will notify you in advance and give you the opportunity to opt-out of such use.

Unless we have your permission, we will not use your personally identifiable information for any purpose other than as described in this Privacy Notice. Should you opt out of receiving email messages from other organizations, you may opt-out of any email list that we make available to third party marketers by emailing us at

We will continue to send you information from Bonnier and its various trademarks, but we will not pass on your details to thirdds. In case you do not wish to recieve communications from other organizations, you may unsubscribe from any mailers we make available to third party for commercial communications by emailing us at emails to eP ostoptout@bonniercorp. com or emailing us at P.O. Box 6364, Harlan, IA 51593-1864.

We will continue to provide you with information about Bonnier and its various trademarks, but we will not disclose your details to third parties. We can also be notified by post to the following address: For all inquiries, please let us know what messages you wish to decline, what means we have used to get in touch with you (e.g. your email or mailing address), the date of your inquiry and a way to get in touch with you if we need to get in touch with you in person to respond to your inquiry.

We take our privacy policies seriously and periodically monitor our own adherence to them. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any queries or doubts about this Privacy Statement, or if you believe that we have used your personally identifiable information in a way that is incompatible with this Privacy Policy: When we get a claim from you, we will get in touch with you to resolve your concern.

We and our third parties use Bonnier Corp. and its marks to help us and our third parties effectively contact you with information and advertising that is of relevance to you, on the basis of the pages you view on our and other Web sites on the Web. We may gather information such as the types of your browsers, your OS, your IP addresses, the types of devices you use to connect to the Site and the domains of your ISPs.

If, however, you choose to give us personal identifiable information during your visits, that information may be associated with your Internet Protocol addresses or e-mail addresses that we hold about other Bonnier Corp. related third parties' software and/or use. We and our partner companies transfer small, exchangeable text messages (cookies) to your computer when you browse our Sites.

When you visit the Bonnier Web sites, we use a cookie to clearly recognize your web navigator, which enables us to improve and personalise your Bonnier Web Sites. Certain Bonnier website functions and functions may not function correctly if your cookie is turned off. The use of a cookie alone does not give us any personal data.

We may also use small graphical pictures on our web sites that are referred to as pixels tag, web beacon or clear gifs. Please note that we may also use small graphical pictures on our web sites. Several of our sites also use third parties to display adverts when you use them. They may use non-personal information about your use of this and other Web sites to advertise goods and service of interest to you.

Our partners are well-known third companies that make available information tracing and recording technologies: Display or operate the advertising you can see on the Bonnier Web sites; supply and follow up emails; handle orders via e-commerce operations; make available to third companies your promotional lead (if you have consented that we may do so).

We request that these third party consent to the processing of such information on the basis of our directions and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and other appropriate privacy and safety precautions. They may use information that you have provided to us (e.g. clickstream information, browsers used, date and hour, topic of advertising clicks or scrolls, e-mail address) during your visit to this and other sites to advertise goods and to promote you.

The data you provide may be corrected or deleted at any given moment. If you have questions about any personally-identifying information Bonnier has gathered about you, or other ways to rectify factually inaccurate information, please email us at

To opt-out of Bonnier Corp.'s use of a cookie, please go to our Opt-Out page. Please refer to our privacy policy to find out which information we save and how we use your information.

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