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What days should I plan for Myanmar? Temporary residence permit for Myanmar nationals. For foreigners working in Myanmar, we can help you apply for a residence permit. Residence permits are issued in three stages: Overnight in a Burmese monastery is very different from staying in a hotel.

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What is the recommended number of Myanmar holidays? It is my intention to take a plane to Yangon in the mornings and to depart on a plane to Bangkok on the last night. Seven full blouses? Yangon, Bagan and Inle are the only places I think about right now. I like Bagan and I intend to take many photos and take a hot air tour.

I' m not rushing, but at the same moment I' m not taking Bagan out. Are 3. 5 overtime? What about Inle? Five dawns? It' a lovely choice for your Myanmar trip this season! There' s no hurry to Myanmar! Well for your selected goals, Yangon, Bagan and Inle, I think the best thing is to make the most of Bagan if you are a photographic intoxicant, and the Inle, where some somewhat tropical aquatic live can be captured brillantly through your lense, Yangon is less interesting, besides his Shwedagon Paya and some other points.

Five is a little long and I think two would be enough, just like Inle Lake. If, after the above goals, you still have some free space, there are still some places for your imagination. However, Myanmar is a good option that you would never wish you would take it easy.

Thought that 3. 5 day in Bagan not being long enough that it is a very large area and getting around by bike or horse/carts on dirty roads in the afternoons heat would be slow. in Bagan it is a very big area. The activity in Inle, I suppose, is right in the water itself. Is there any place or thing you can see directly outside the water or in the immediate vicinity?

Is Kyaiktiyo near Inle or Bagan, by the way? It is a one-on-one decision, how much do you like to photograph a temple? 2 days in & between the Temple is more than enough for me, it's enough hour for a dawn & dusk & another night for a dusk on the river....not to forget the great beers & barbecue in the series.

Don't ignore Yangon, it's one of the most picturesque towns you'll ever see, there's nothing like it. You will always find a concealed sweetheart to snatch, so you' ll need to visit the pages and then walk down the side roads. Burma is one of my favorite places. I' ve been there 16 nights last year, and even that wasn't enough there.

and you' re gonna miss a whole bunch of good seats. And I join Bonzai's feelings. I like Bagan and Inle Lake. Was in all the places he cited in Inle Lake, and some were lofty, unforgettable and great photoshoots.

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