Myanmar Statistics 2015

Burma statistics 2015

Long term unemployment rate, % of unemployed, 2015, 21.5. Download the latest data (including data for 2013) from the country statistics tables for the state of the world's children in 2015[Excel] and select a country. These statistics show the fertility rate in Myanmar, also known as Burma, from 2005 to 2015. Number of inhabitants (millions), 1990, 2015.

November 17-19, 2015 in Incheon.

Yearbook 2001

The Statistical Yearbook 2015 is a collection of statistics on: Climate, territory, population, health and welfare, vital statistics, justice and security, education, households and welfare, labour and employment, national accounts, agriculture, forestry, industry and construction, tourism, coastal trade, foreign trade and internationalisation, transport and communication, prices, government finances, banks and financial markets. This year' s CSO' s primary task is to provide financial and societal statistics to decision-makers, designers, managers, investors, scientists, non-governmental organisations and the population.

17.public finances, banks and financial markets.

Statistics, profile, general information etc. about Burma

Descriptive/Topic:Many important accounts, although some are just general regionally based with references to Burma. Descriptive/Topic:Geography: "A little smaller than Texas, Myanmar is occupying the Thai/Cambodian part of the Indochina Penthol. "Sources/Publishing: "infoplease" Description/Topic:* 1 Nationality and story of the name; * 2 Story; * 3 Politics; * 4 Administrative departments; * 5 Geogeography; * 6 Economics; * 7 Demography: o 7. 1 Ethnic; o 7. 2 Languages; o 7. 3 Religions; o 7. 4 Educations; * 8 Cultures; * 9 Different subjects; * 10 Internationally ranked ranks; * 11 Comments; * 12 Extern links: o 12.

Descriptive/Topic: "The Myanmar Information System (MMSIS) is a web-based nationwide statistics base on Myanmar that has been created by the Central Statist... A" Capability Development through IT-based Statistics in Myanmar " funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is developing this statistic databank. MMSIS should make available to the general population statistics and meta-information.

The aim is to meet the increasing demand of Myanmar market participants for various statistics describing the socio-economic situation in Myanmar at local and sub-national level over different times. Currently, the CSO and other statistics offices covering the Myanmar NSS are producing formal statistics.

Furthermore, the public authorities also collect statistics. MMSIS is an on-line one-stop shopping facility for statistics information service that allows the user to access information in Excel both in Myanmar and English. It makes it easy and comfortable for the user to obtain the necessary statistics.

" Descriptive/Topic:SEARCH FOR MYANMAR...Population increase per county in a historic context, includes government units and capitals: historic demographic information for the whole county; historic demographic information for the government units; historic demographic information for the cites. Descriptive/Topic:Background: In spite of multi-party ballots in 1990, in which the most important opponent won a crucial election, the army junta declined to relinquish the government of the state.

Facts about the land. Descriptive/Topic: "The World Bank has started the resumption of cooperation with the government to promote reform that will be beneficial to all Myanmar's peoples, in particular the weak and the weak. Similar Myanmar information is currently not available...." Beschreibungung/Topic:Affected: "Among the most important groups of persons affected by the UNHCR in Myanmar in 2015 are non-citizens, internally displaced persons, displaced persons, repatriates and shelters.

By 2012, violent events in the state of Rakhine had displaced some 140,000 population. The UNHCR also helps the more than 810,000 non-citizens in Myanmar. The UNHCR is supporting the municipalities in south-eastern Myanmar where the organisation's approximately 230,000 internally displaced persons live. It is also gearing up for the possible repatriation of some of the 120,000 Myanmar migrants currently residing in provisional shelters in Thailand.

The Commission plans to assist some 20,000 prospective returners in 2015, although the terms are not yet adequate to encourage organised volunteer return..." Descriptive/Topic:2002 to 2005 UNHCR Statistical Yearbook Country Data Sheets. Descriptive Report of the Asia-Pacific-Referent of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Bericht on the current situation in Burma at the beginning of 2001. Source/publishing house: "New Internationalist" Description/Topic: Statistics on agriculture & rural development, infrastructures, aid effectiveness, labour & social protection, economic policy and foreign debt, poverty, education, private enterprise, energy & mining, public services, environment, science & technology, finance, social development, health, urban development,

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