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Burma Natural increase rate, birth, death, infant mortality, below five mortality rates, late foetal death and maternal mortality rate (Union). With the debut of an online statistics portal, Myanmar has taken another step towards open data. to improve data collection on economic and social statistics. Imports of EU food from Myanmar by product category. Myanmar Gem sales and statistics.


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Federal Goverment launches new on-line statistics platform

With the launch of an on-line statistics platform, Myanmar has taken another important leap towards open statistics. Myanmar Information System (MMSIS), established by the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) within the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development with the assistance of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), collects information on issues such as commerce, investments, demography and people' somes.

The statistics come from the CSO and the Myanmar National Statistics System (NSS), as well as from source in the non-governmental sectors, according to the website of the MBS. This is a one-stop shopping facility for statistics information that can be downloaded from Excel in both Myanmar and English. It is launched following similar steps taken by the Myanmar authorities to digitize information in cooperation with international counterparts.

At the beginning of the year, the federal administration made the results of its first ever public survey in many years available on-line. Myanmar's evolving technical eco-system has used these information-driven hacking at Phandeeyar's city centre innovations laboratory to deliver results such as electoral intelligence applications and information visualization. More than 300 records are currently stored in the MMSIS statistics base.

There are also visualizations of information that segment the land according to factors such as the number of steelmining sites and sports fields. The site stays relatively naked as a nationwide databank - but is a further step towards democratization of information and openness for the state. "There is a really reassuring tendency towards open dates in the administration.

It is important in any cohesive system to maintain information controls in order to maintain power," said Kim Ninh, Myanmar's Asia Foundation agent. Mrs Ninh is following the tendency through the elimination of the censor, the development of free trade and telecommunications reforms that have "revolutionized Myanmar's connectivity".

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