Myanmar states and Divisions Map

Burma states and divisions map

Does not appear on the map at this scale. Even remote places within the country where there is no safe transport are still not included in the tourist map. and divisions (provinces in Myanmar). The state and India in the West. The Sagaing Region is the main producer of wheat in Myanmar.

Myanmar states and divisions

Thaninthani mountains run from the east to Thailand from east to west. Dawei, the capitol, can be accessed by rail and road. Myeik and Kaw Thaung (southernmost city at the Thai-G Thai frontier - crossing point) is the air. Marine and agricultural produce are the principal commodities.

The company also produces forestry and mineral resources. It is a seaport at the estuary of the Thanlwin rivier. You can find a hotel in the town of Kyaikhtiyo Pagodenberg (famous gold cliff pagoda) and a hotel in the town. Former capitol of the nation and seat of most corporate and governmental heads.

It is also the entrance to the town. More than 5 million persons (2001) are living in this area. It is a vast area where the Ayeyarwaddy flows into many rivers and into the ocean. Pathein ", the capitol, is 4 hours from Yangon by road. You can reach the capitol "Hpa An" by cars.

Bago, the former capitol of the Mon family. Agriculture and the production of forestry produce are important sectors of the economy. It is possible to go on natural excursions to the Bago Mountains, where there are elephants' shelters and tribal communities. The Taungoo is the base for such excursions to Bago (in the west) and Than Daung (in the west) in the state of Kayin.

The town of Ayeyarwaddy is also a stopover for those who travel to Bagan by bus. You can only drive in the Bago Mountains jungles route, which connects the two mountains, using four wheel drive coaches. From Yangon there are connections to "Sittwe" (capital) and Thandwe (gateway to Ngapali beach).

In order to get to Mrauk U, humans have to follow the water route from Sittwe. From the southern part of the Chin state to the northern part of the Ayeyarwaddy department, the rugged mountains of Mount Khakhine are largely unexplored by visitors. Marine and forestry produce and some agricultural produce come from this area. It' a lowland country for more than 50% with mounds on the west side (boradring Rakhins and Chin states).

Here too, agricultural and forestry produce is the primary production. Lord Ayeyarwaddy flow through the centre. There' re some of the country's hard industry along the riverbank. The second largest town in the state, Mandalay is a business centre. The Bagan (the Buddhist archeological site from the eleventh cen - also the first town of Myanmar) is located in this section.

Boating between Mandalay and Bagan (Mandalay to Bagan is a favourite and comfortable option) along the Ayeyarwady riverbank is one of the major rides. Farmland, arts and crafts, old cloisters, castles, riverside tours and favourite tourism activites. Loikaw ", near one of the country's most important hydropower stations, "Lawpita", is the city.

It is a hillside of many different tribal peoples. The most important tribesmen are the Shan. Taunggyi, the capitol, is also near the Lakes. The Shan state produces agricultural commodities such as rice, various fruit and grass. You can also find arts and crafts such as scarves, handbags, baskets from the locals. You can reach the south area with Kalaw, Pindaya, Inle See and Taunggyi by plane and motor.

From Mandalay and Matmyo you can reach the northerly area with Hsi Paw, Lashio and Muse (border city to China Ruili) by road. To the east (known as the Gold Triangle), which borders Laos and Thailand, it is accessed by plane. Even though the" Sagaing" (capital of the division) is known for its drug centres along the Ayeyarwaddy hill from Mandalay, a large part of the department is still not frequented by international visitors.

Mongywa on the banks of the Chindwin is the second most frequented place after Sagaing. However, the excursions up the Chindwin to the northern highlands are still not very common, as a temporary permission is required, there are no proper guesthouses, etc... It is a steep lychogenic country, home to the Chin population.

The journey is only by vehicle on the hard alpine streets. Up to now the favourite excursion of Mt. Victoria (Nat Ma Berg). You can reach the 3110 meter high summit from Pakokku (in the Magwe section). The biggest cities with guest houses are Hakha (capital), Falan, Teddin (in the north).

Myitkyina " (near the big river) is the northmost state. Ayeyarwaddy consists of two streams (May Kha and Mali Kha) in one place 45 km due north from the city. From Mandalay the journey by old railway lasts 30 hours. Sailing from Bamaw across the Ayeyarwaddy to Mandalay is possible.

The cruise lasts 2 nights and a day on board the ship.

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