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Myanmar Aim Star Network; Opening of the new building (official). Note how the yellow lines join at the ends to form a beautiful "net" pattern. Area of study (star) in Myanmar (bold grey line) and places of point counting in Mandalay (colored points/circles). The Hollywood star calls for help for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh Video.

Finding cheap hotels in Myanmar.


As well as publishing a story containing new proof of horrors against Myanmar's Rohingya people, Amnesty International mentions 13 leading junta leaders who the group says should be persecuted for committing acts against the people. Instructors at a local conference call on the authorities to present their findings and documentation on Rohingyas displaced from Myanmar to the International Criminal Court (ICC) within the specified timeframe and to help the ICC to build resilience on Myanmar on this matter.

The Myanmar authorities have decided to set up an autonomous fact-finding mission as part of their Rakhine State Awareness Group. Burma should respond to a United Nations panel call for information on the military's responsibilities for the rampant violation of Rohingya woman and girl in the north of Rakhine state, Human Rights Watch and Fortify Rights said today.

U.S. President Donald Trump affirms Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to continue his country's pressures for the Rohingya to voluntarily and safely go back to their homes when he sent a message to the Prime Minister in this respect. On Tuesday, a UN Security Council mission visited fleeing areas of the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, where several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims have escaped armed force to see first-hand the consequences of the repression by the armed forces and Myanmar's preparation for the repatriation of migrants.

Myanmar's military commander denied rapes and other acts of sex abuse during a raid he ordered against Rohingya Muslims when he spoke to UN Security Council representatives in the capitol Naypyidaw. Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's State Councillor, says her state is prepared for the resettlement of the "verified" Rohingya migrants and has been seeking more co-operation from Bangladesh so that depatriation can begin after delay since the beginning of this year.

Fellowship Leaders of the Kachin Orthodox Church have urged emergency health assistance for some 2,000 civilian prisoners, girls and older people, caught in the jungles where they escaped fighting between the Myanmar and Kachin armies in the upstate. While the UNRWA says that a Myanmar minister's trip to Bangladesh to interview Rohingya Muslim migrants is a confidence-building move, it says that Myanmar is not a place where circumstances are conducive to their comeback.

A visit to Myanmar's Myanmar Chancellery says that Rohingyas will be withdrawn by granting him nationality and worth. Premier Gowher Rizvi is calling for the reintroduction of penalties against Myanmar to put downward pressure on the South-East Asia nation, which has been charged with killing and evicting seven Rohingyas since August last year.

Rohingya fugitive Kobir Ahmed's long quest for tranquillity can be recounted through the various native lands of his eight offspring - Myanmar, Malaysia and Australia - although they are not a national. Burma wants to see clear proof of allegations that racial cleanup or holocaust of its Islamic minorities was committed in Rakhine state, says National Security Advisor Thaung Tun.

Rohingyas' grievous experience has once again been vividly told to the Nobel Trio's trip, and those who have not really experienced the shocking experience cannot really understand the terrible character of the violent events these individuals have been through. Myanmar Interior Minister Lt Gen Kyaw Swe came to Dhaka this afternoons for a three-day trip, as Bangladesh is likely to push for the re-establishment of tranquillity and stabilization in the Rakhine state of Myanmar for a sustained Rohingyas comeback.

Rahim Muddinn spent four whole working hours watching Myanmar's state papers publish inserts in which Rohingya Muslims were charged with being atrocities. He was astonished to see almost 250 of them. Burma told the United Nations Security Council not to come in February this year because "it was not the right time," says Kuwaiti UN Ambassador Mansour Ayyad Al-Otaibi, and adds that the state has not fully rejected the claim.

Burma is setting up a base for 30,000 Rohingyas who have escaped the Rakhine conflict, the Myanmar state press said when the Joint Working Group met for the first time in Naypyitaw today to debate ways to implement a Re-patriation Agreement. The Myanmar prosecutor has filed a lawsuit against two Reuters Reporter under the Official Secrets Act, which provides for a 14-year jail term, the reporters' attorney says.

Burma is planning to begin the return of its citizens from Bangladesh on 22 January with a group of 450 Hindoo migrants. Taungpyoleiwei in the north-western state of Rakhine has a campsite for those who return from Bangladesh by land, and Ngakhuya in Maungdaw township for those who return by lake or water.

Next weekend Bangladesh and Myanmar will establish a joint working group to help repatriate tens of thousand Rohingyas who have escaped Rakhine state. On Hatiya Uplazila, on the Bhasanchar Islands, the Thai authorities will establish temporary housing for a khak of more than 10 Myanmar Lak in Bangladesh.

The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reiterated her call to Myanmar to begin the immediate return of the Rohingyas. UN called the Myanmar army's attack on the Rohingya "ethnic cleansing". It is a very euphemistic phenomenon for expulsion and atrocities. It is an underhand concept because there is no such thing as cosmopolitan contract legislation, while there are cosmopolitan legislation against expulsion and gender murder.

MHR observers call on Myanmar to lift a protest embargo in its biggest town, Yangon, fearing that freedom of expression is under political pressures under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi. In Myanmar, a Myanmar tribunal arrested for two month two reporters on behalf of the Turkish State Radio, together with their translator and chauffeur, for violation of an airplane bill by shooting with a UAV.

The Myanmar administration is also reminding us that it is looking for pretexts to slow down the solution to the current one.

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