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The Myanmar Star

Yangon (Rangoon) image: A spokesman for the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism said the Ministry is introducing a star rating system in hotels across the country. Myanmar is now actively connected to the world economy again after decades of isolation. Headquarters and especially support from Myanmar Solar Rays Co. The Venus Star Hotel, Yangon region:

The Myanmar Star Universe Co, Ltd.

The Star Universe Co., Ltd. The Star Universe Co., Ltd. Guangdong East PowerCo Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is one of the world' s largest manufacturers of power supplies with a shareholding of 89.45 million rms and an area of 130,000 m2 of production and R&D area, with first-class equipment in Dongguan and Yangzhou. Representing 196 companies in China and with affiliates and clients in more than 100 nations, East Power is able to provide you with the best possible services wherever you are.

Golden Field has been designing and manufacturing computer peripheral devices - computer cases, switch-mode PSUs, multimedia speakers, mice and keyboards, etc. - since 1993. Since 2004, we have had the biggest proportion of PCs and switched-mode PSUs in the Chinese continent (data sourced from an external vendor, China Information World).

Myanmar ICT Star Group

Myanmar ICT Star Group Co. Ltd. "Our company's aim is to develop competent regional managers and a better tomorrow for the precious young people in our country." Offering our valued clients the worldwide off-the-shelf services and being the most dependable and efficient them.

Recognition as a leader in delivering high-performance services and long-term, sustained profitable development for the ICT industry and its various stakesholders. Making all our clients, shareholders and employees happier and more effective in serving our nation. As your reliable partners, we work with enthusiasm and worldwide standardservice.

The Burma Star Association: asylum

It is sad to announce the death of Countess Mountbatten of Burma. Since 1982, the Countess has been deputy patron and has participated in many meetings over the years. In 2015, the year of the 1970th V-J Day celebration, Vendy Aldiss took photos of over 200 Burma allies in the UK and a small sample in Burma (now Myanmar).

Wendy's dad was part of 2nd Division in Burma during World War II. A part of Wendy's photo library will be on view at the National Memorial Arboretum from Saturday, November 25 to Sunday, February 25, 2018.

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