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This easy-to-use, modern time zone converter allows you to quickly convert Eastern Standard Time (EST) to the time in Rangoon, Myanmar. Check the current local time and weather in Myanmar. On the road and on the road, with Myanmar maps and weather forecast. Actual local time in Hakha, Chin, Myanmar. MMT is a standard time zone?

How come some states are 30 mins from the worldwide time network?

Bogged down between two time bands, some people decide to make their own. At the other end of the spectrum, all of China occupies only one time area. In order to be able to understand the response, we need to know where the time is from. Until the middle of the 19th centuary, the big towns began their time when the daylight was at its highest in this town.

It' called local time. Like when it was 12:00 in New York it was 12:23 in Boston. As the railways and express services arrived from town to town, the middle ages became more and more complicated, as those coming from a particular town arrived at the time of the respective stop.

Thus began the establishment of an internal time standard. It would be a 24 time zone system that would be built around the 24 hour system every time. Every time zone is delimited by a vertex or a north-south line from the mid- to south-pole.

Each time was determined after Greenwich Mean Time (with the zeromeridian that passes through Greenwich, England), which later became known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For example, EST became -5hrs. East Europe time was +2 hrs underTC. Why are some towns 30 or 45 min away?

In New Delhi, India, for example, they were half way between two vertebrates and therefore chose to lie 30 mins. between them instead of adopt one or two times. Even though India's vast territories pass through two time zone, all of India has the same time. China, which stretches across an imposing five time zone, has the same time, namely +8hrs.

BBC published an interesting play on time zone policy when Venezuela's Hugo Chavez chose to postpone his country's time by 30 min in a few short words and sent IT engineers into turmoil to cope with the changes in computer and progam.

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