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g. Burma Musings is . You can stream tracks and playlists from Myanmar Musings to your desktop or mobile device. NOW BROWSE >>> They sound like any other band, tune up first and then run through some old favourites to warm up. The Myanmar Times.

What's the point of kissing in a restaurant in Yangon?

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Hundred audiotracks of atmosphere from Burma's Yangon, Mandalay, Pyin U Lwin, Hispaw and others. City Soundscapes Myanmar Sound Archive will take you on a trip through Burma, providing you with the latest, up-to-date music from Burma's citys. From Mandalay's goldsmiths, take Old Burma Road, take the Yangon dock to see the myriad ferries, or ascend to the Yangon Savedagon Shwedagon.

City Soundscapes Myanmar Sound Archive contains the City Soundscapes Yangon, City Soundscapes Mandalay and other music from Burma's citys. City Soundscapes Myanmar Sound Archive is also available in a bundle with Myanmar Soundscapes Sound Archive, which includes country Burmesque footage and atmosphere. Yangon and Mandalay can be accessed as separate downloads, but they are also part of the City Soundscape Myanmar Sound Archive.

Further pictures were taken in the following cities: Each sound comes with in-depth description and meta data for management tools such as Soundminer to help you find it. For more information, please see the sound archives or the song sheets. City Soundscapes Myanmar Sound Archives contains footage from the Yangon and Mandalay City Soundscapes in the center of Myanmar.

The two towns are very different in acoustics. Though Yangon is occupied with old, loud buses and many new vehicles, Mandalay lives with a cheerful mixture of motorbikes, minitrucks and hooting pick-up buses. Noises from the two-stroke engines used by the Myanmar tribe to carry visitors and all kinds of material across this picturesque sea are consistent and quickly spoil the beauty spots such as the swim pools and the renowned monopods.

The Myanmar Atmospheres Sound Archive contains country shots from Myanmar and Burma's jungles. Together, all these collection form the Myanmar Soundscapes Sound Archive with more than 100 songs and over 3hrs.

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