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Burma Dances

Myanmar's antique dancing movements were known for their careful analysis and rediscovery of the mural paintings on the ruined temples in Myanmar. That is especially the case for Bagan-Dans. Historical book and literary reports were given for other Dancing, while our connections to Ayuthdaya (Thai) and India suggest similarity in ourancing.

Naturally, the heritage of dancing movements from generations to generations in dancing groups has also been teaching us how Myanmar's dancing was in the era before colonisation by the United Kingdom. A budding choreographer has to master some fundamental movements and attitudes. Also, a grin must always be on your face, unless the particular dancing demands something else.

The Myanmar dancing demands the motion of all parts of the human being. It can be living and breathing musics that require a lot of leaping, or there can be classic musics that require a lot of charm. In fact, although the dancing looks light at a sight, it can be difficult to learn. These are some of Myanmar's traditional dances.

Burmese Marionette" The Organ Dance " Myanmar Marionette" The Alchemist Dance "

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Burma's Maykhala (Burmese: ?????, pronounced[mèk??là]; also called Maykhalar) is a Myanmar vocalist who was one of Burma's most beloved female singers in the 1980s. She' s known for her burmesian vocals from the west and her originals from Burma. In the mid-80s she was briefly wedded to the famous Kaiser Sänger.

Most of Maykhala's records were published during their prime from the early to mid-1980s.

Kaba Suman singing for Rohingyas

Well-known Indian Bangla song writer and vocalist Kabir Suman has just published a song that condemns Myanmar's Myanmar army for the persecution of Rohingya, who come to Bangladesh from their own country of Rakhine. "SOME OF MY BANGLADESH AND WEST BANGAL FRIEND ASKED ME TO DO THIS SONG. PRINCIPLE: "THIS IS SOMEWHAT BETTER", says Suman today on Soundcloud.

With a fierce voice, the vocalist condemned the Rohingyas' pursuit in Myanmar. In the 4:32-minute song he taunts the lotuses' sense of tranquillity and smile.

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